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Carr Valley Cheese Launches Cabana White™; Elle (Fearing) Williams and Sid Cook Discuss Unique Attributes and More

Carr Valley Cheese Launches Cabana White™; Elle (Fearing) Williams and Sid Cook Discuss Unique Attributes and More

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Carr Valley Cheese is at it again, and this time with the debut of a new product promising versatility, creativity, and, of course, an incredible flavor. As Elle (Fearing) Williams, Director of Sales and Brand Development, tells me, the Cabana White™ fresh concept is made to enrich both Carr Valley’s portfolio and that of its retail and foodservice partners.

Elle (Fearing) Williams, Director of Sales and Brand Development, Carr Valley Cheese Company“We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our cheese catalog, the only frying cheese available in both retail and foodservice sizes,” Elle tells me. “Cabana White is a fresh cheese crafted from cow's milk that can be savored on its own or fried in a pan. Its flavor is milky, sweet, and subtly salty, highlighting the unique terroir of the Driftless region located in Southwestern Wisconsin.” 

Cabana White will be available in a 12 x 6oz EWT case or 2 x 5 lb. RWT loaf case. 

Carr Valley has launched Cabana White™, one of the only frying cheeses available in retail and foodservice sizes

Owner and Master Cheesemaker, Sid Cook, has been anticipating its popularity since the cheese debuted in January and hopes customers and consumers will find Cabana White as fare for inspiration. 

Sid Cook, Owner and Master Cheesemaker, Carr Valley Cheese"I'm really excited to see what our customers will do with this versatile cheese,” Sid says. “The product is unique because it can be eaten at room temperature or fried. It will be a great summer cheese that can be added to the grill and enjoyed with friends...and maybe a margarita!” 

Take a tip from Master Cheesemaker, Bob Koenig, who enjoys it pan-fried with a drizzle of honey over the top. In his words, it's “crispy, buttery goodness!” In my words: cross-merchandising opportunity.

Cabana White’s creation was inspired by another popular item in Carr Valley’s catalog—the company’s coveted Bread Cheese®. In an effort to provide its valued customers with another delectable option, Carr Valley conceived of this unique variety. 

Sid Cook and Bob Koenig manifest the vision of Carr Valley Cheese in each of its products

“While available for retail, Cabana White will have a foodservice focus, packaged in an easy-to-convert loaf that can be enjoyed fresh or fried in a pan,” Elle explained. “When you taste it fresh, you'll experience the essence of our local farmers' milk, the rich flavors of the land where the cows graze, and the rich history of our company. Cabana White is a perfect way to kick off 2024, as it pays homage to our 140 years of tradition at Carr Valley.”

And tradition is no small thing for Carr Valley. As Elle describes to me, Carr Valley’s traditions, history, and long-standing relationships with local farms are what make them special. Being able to showcase fresh cheese that highlights the unique terroir and artisan cheese-making techniques makes all the difference. 

As Carr Valley Cheese continues to innovate for is customers and cheese-loving loyalists, keep checking back with Deli Market News for the tasty and timely stories that make our industry great.

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