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Champignon North America Awarded for New Product

Champignon North America Awarded for New Product

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

The sofi™ Awards are a time of celebration at Deli Market News, and hearing of Champignon North America’s win made our day. The importer of Käserei Champignon Cheeses announced that its Rougette Bonfire Marinated Grilling Cheese won the 2020 NEW PRODUCT in the category Cheeses with Cow’s Milk.

Svenja Heiks, Senior Marketing Manager, Käserei Champignon“This product is truly unique in the U.S specialty cheese market. The concept of Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheeses is to enjoy specialty cheeses in a new way and we are proud to receive this award as a recognition of quality from the Specialty Food Association,” remarked Svenja Heiks, Senior Marketing Manager. “We are thrilled to be honored with a sofi award. It reflects Käserei Champignon’s commitment to product excellence and innovation, and we look forward to continuing to bring unique cheeses like this to U.S. customers.”

The company introduced its Marinated Grilling Cheese to the U.S. market in 2019. According to a press release, it is a savory and creamy semi-soft cheese pre-marinated in herbs and oil and comes in a convenient grilling pan for easy preparation and grilling. When warmed, the cheese softens and develops a thin, crispy crust. Applications are endless, as it can be layered with grilled vegetables for a one-pan main course, or it can be melted into a hot dip, perfect for a crowd. Consumers can even chop it into salads.

Champignon North America, importer of Käserei Champignon Cheeses, announced its Rougette Bonfire Marinated Grilling Cheese has won the 2020 NEW PRODUCT sofi™ Award in the category Cheeses with Cow’s Milk

In 2021, Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheeses will be back in stores. The product is a perfect discovery item for deli and in-store grilling displays, the company noted, making promotions a snap. Naturally, grilling holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, are peak sales opportunities.

Champignon has also developed quick how-to videos which can be found on its website, to help retailers offer more ideas for shoppers. There are recipes and pairing inspirations for vegetarians, Keto-diets, and barbecue lovers alike. A cheese for all!

Congratulations to Champignon North America on this prestigious win.

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