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Cheez-It® Launches to Long-Waiting Australian Market

Cheez-It® Launches to Long-Waiting Australian Market

Friday, April 26th, 2024

Woolworths Supermarket has secured a long-awaited treat for the Australian market. The banner is now the exclusive locale to find coveted Cheez-It® in the country, and from the fervor of news source delicious., this is no small achievement.

"For those who’ve never watched an American TV show, Cheez-Its are the ultimate after-school snack, or so we’ve been led to believe. Now, Aussies can finally join in on the action and get a taste of the big cheese themselves," the source observed.

Launched as a brand-new offering, Cheez-It Snap’d, the line was made available last week at RRP $7.00.

Cheez-It® is making its official debut in the Australian market

In the States, many have grown up if not directly indulging in Cheez-It, certainly seeing iconic commercials and television shows depicting it. The cracker is undoubtedly a household name in its home market and beyond. Whether you were in for the classic Cheddar or Cheddar with sour cream and onion (known in my household simply as yellow Cheez-It and white Cheez-It when begging for its addition to the grocery list) there is a spot in pop culture and kitchen cabinets for these signature squares. So, it is exciting to see the brand received with great enthusiasm across the world.

Will the little cracker live up to the worldwide hype? I think we all know the answer! Stay tuned to Deli Market News as we continue to follow industry news and guiding trends in all sectors.