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Chobani Announces Appointment of New President

Chobani Announces Appointment of New President

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Chobani recently announced a lot of exciting changes, most notably the promotion of Peter McGuinness to President of Chobani. McGuinness has been with the company for six years, showing exemplary leadership; impact and commitment to the Chobani brand, its people, and its customers; and helping the company be a well-recognized Greek yogurt brand in the U.S.

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO, Chobani"We created this company with people at the center, and they are the reason for where we are today. Peter has been an amazing member of that journey, and I'm honored and happy to have him as President," said Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO. "Passion, intelligence, and collaboration make us who we are, and I love seeing this talent rising up through the company, working side by side to build the future of Chobani. We continue to break down walls, collaborate more, and become closer as leaders, making a better food company for tomorrow."

Peter McGuinness, President, ChobaniIn addition to his current responsibilities overseeing Chobani's Demand function, McGuinness will also oversee Chobani's supply chain, manufacturing, sustainability, and research and development functions, according to the press release. The alignment of these functions comes at a critical time in Chobani's growth and expansion. Chobani is continuing its efforts to break down silos and shift towards a nimbler, team-centric way of organizing—a model that was tested and proven through the combination of the company's sales, marketing and new product development functions under him in 2017.

In addition to the elevated and expanded role for McGuinness, Chobani has also announced the promotion of several other leaders and rising stars within the company:

  • Federico Muyshondt has been named Chief Customer Officer, reporting to Peter McGuinness. In addition to his current role overseeing retail and international sales activity, Muyshondt's role will now include category development, shopper marketing, and revenue and trade management.
  • Jason Blaisure has been named Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, reporting to Peter McGuinness. Blaisure will oversee manufacturing and engineering operations, procurement, logistics & customer service, and contract manufacturing.
  • Parag Agrawal has been named Chief Information Officer, reporting to Hamdi Ulukaya. He will oversee the company's technological infrastructure and IT operations.
  • Grace Zuncic has been named Chief People and Culture Officer, continuing to report to Hamdi Ulukaya. She remains responsible for maintaining the company's strong company culture and human resources capabilities.
  • Michelle Brooks, current Chobani Treasurer, will serve as Interim Chief Financial Officer following the announcement of current CFO Mick Beekhuizen's departure. Beekhuizen has worked tirelessly during his tenure at the company to make Chobani better, stronger, and more prepared for its future. Brooks joined Chobani in the fall of 2018 to serve as Treasurer and lead the company's investor relations. In this interim role, she will continue to shepherd the company's investment strategy and financial strength. This appointment further establishes Chobani's desire to celebrate and promote talent from within.

With these changes, 50 percent of Chobani's executive leadership team will be comprised of female leaders. This is a proud moment for the company, as diversity and inclusion has always been a part of Chobani's values.

Chobani has appointed Peter McGuinness to the role of President, along with several other internal promotions

This announcement comes at a significant moment and milestone in Chobani's history as the company continues to grow its core businesses, expand into new, progressive growth categories, and fulfill its vision to be tomorrow's modern food company. What more can we expect from this dynamic and inclusive company? Deli Market News will continue to report.