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Chomps Increases Production and Expands Distribution

Chomps Increases Production and Expands Distribution

Monday, April 13th, 2020

The industry has mobilized en masse to be a solution to today’s specific challenges. For meat snack brand Chomps this has meant stepping up its production capabilities of its shelf-stable products and expanding its distribution to meet the surge in consumer demand. I chatted with Peter Maldonado, Co-Founder, and Karli Nutter, PR and Communications Manager, to learn more about what the company and its team are implementing to help the buy-side.

Peter Maldonado, Co-Founder, Chomps“From a supply chain and inventory perspective, we’ve been careful to ensure we don’t go out of stock. As a small, nimble company, we’ve been able to meet quick shifts in demand,” Peter shared with me. “Shelf-stable foods provide consumers and their families options they can stock up on and have ready for an extended period of time, eliminating the amount of times needed to leave to buy groceries.”

However, Peter noted, not all shelf-stable foods are created equal. And shelf-stable products shouldn’t signify any sort of dip in nutritional value, which is especially important to consumers as COVID-19 continues to develop.

Meat snack provider Chomps increased the production of its shelf-stable line of products and expanded its distribution to new and more retailers

“Chomps provides high-quality protein snacks with delicious flavor, no harmful or hidden ingredients, and no-added sugar, giving consumers what they need in a shelf-stable product. Our beef and venison are 100-percent grass-fed, finished, and Certified Humane; our turkey is free-range; and all of our proteins are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and ASPCA-certified,” Peter continued. “Chomps meat snacks are shelf-stable products consumers can feel good about eating and feeding their families.”

Said families will also have more access to Chomps products at the retail level, as the company expands its distribution and portfolio. In July, Chomps is adding new SKUs to its jerky sets at Walmart and launching in over 1,200 Kroger stores. In the fall, the brand will also be debuting new SKUs at Meijer and launching into Whole Foods Market globally.

Karli Nutter, PR and Communications Manager, Chomps“We’ve also shifted our social and marketing strategies to reflect what consumers are going through and what they may need in this climate. We incorporated a campaign called #madewithchomps to highlight how consumers can use a high-quality, shelf-stable product like Chomps’ in recipes at home,” Karli concluded.

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