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Cypress Grove Claims 16th sofi Award

Cypress Grove Claims 16th sofi Award

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

This spring, Cypress Grove is celebrating a unique kind of sweet sixteen; the company was awarded its 16th sofi™ Award, presented to outstanding products by the Specialty Food Association. And this year’s award was especially rewarding, Christy Khattab, Director of Marketing, told me, because the pioneering goat cheese maker took home the Best New Product sofi Award in the competitive Non-Cow Milk, Mixed Milk category for one of the company’s latest fresh goat cheese offerings: Straight Up.

Christy Khattab, Director of Marketing, Cypress Grove“We couldn't be happier! All our teams at Cypress Grove have worked hard to bring our new Fresh Goat Cheese Cups line to life with Straight Up as the foundation, and everyone has been committed to making a delicious product that aligns with consumer needs and expectations,” said Christy. “From Mary's initial idea to the internal development of flavor profiles to branding—we're so proud and grateful.”

The next step forward in the evolution of Cypress Grove’s fromage blanc-based cheeses, Straight Up is a high-quality product for an on-the-go consumer. Available in a convenient package and sporting a fresh look and feel, Straight Up and the rest of Cypress Grove’s new 4 oz resealable fresh goat cheese cups are both bold a bold step forward and a throwback to the company’s origins.

Straight Up is the perfect product for the on-the-go consumer

“We've loved getting to be a little more playful with this new line of fresh goat cheeses, especially with the branding and storytelling,” Christy explained. “Each 4 oz cup features a resealable lid, is recyclable, and has a storytelling feature on the inside wrap to teach consumers about Cypress Grove and the origins of these fromage-blanc style cheeses. Cypress Grove was born in the '80s, and we've riffed on that concept from cheese names like Straight Up and Danger Zone to bold colors, cheeky copy, and all kinds of '80s flare.”

While I for one will forever be traumatized by Paula Abdul’s terrifying duet with MC Skat Cat in the “Opposites Attract” music video, I can appreciate the flare—and you’d be hard pressed to find a more zealous admirer of the double entendre. When I first saw this line, I racked my brain coming up with my own imaginary versions. An alpine-style cheese named after Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill” was my favorite; a blue cheese named after a certain New Order song was the most obvious.

Each cup is resealable, recyclable, and tells a story on the inside wrap

But wordplay isn’t the only thing Cypress Grove’s latest line has going for it. Christy tells me that once consumers take the bait and try the cheese, they fast become fans. And Cypress Grove continues to be arch-attentive to the changing needs of today’s specialty cheese shoppers.

“Once people try Straight Up—and our other cups—they are hooked. We're continuing to develop educational pieces and recipes to teach consumers how to use these cheeses—continuous improvement is a core tenet of our product development process,” Christy sums up. “We are always listening and considering ways to make our products more approachable and in demand—it's part of our Cypress Grove spirit, so you never know what could be next!”

Congratulations, Cypress Grove, from all of us at Deli Market News. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the team.

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