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Daniele Foods Debuts New Snacking Concept

Daniele Foods Debuts New Snacking Concept

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

I think that Lunchables sealed my fate when I was five—ever since then I’ve wanted a snack pack in my lunch bag! Daniele Foods is here to answer my snacking prayers, debuting its latest snacking concept with dry-cured turkey salame. I spoke with Davide Dukcevich, VP of Sales, to learn more.

Davide Dukcevich, VP of Sales, Daniele Foods“For three generations, we have used family experience and methods to craft pork products,” Davide told me. “We’ve taken a very traditional technique that’s been used for centuries and have customized it to really enhance the flavor in our turkey salame. We are very excited to use those same techniques to create a new line of turkey products.”

Compared to traditional salame, this turkey salame has 48% less calories, 78% less total fat, 55% less cholesterol, and 65% more protein! Enough incentive to start gobbling it up, I’d say!

Daniele Foods has a taken a traditional approach to create this new line of turkey products

Each snacking unit comes with turkey salame and provolone cheese. With 25 grams of protein per serving, it’s the perfect on-the-go snack option.

“Turkey products are often looked to as red meat alternatives for personal and health preferences,” Davide shared with me. “And the process is the major differentiating factor. Unlike deli turkey, which is heat-treated, our turkey salame is naturally cured using air and time.”

As the snacking craze continues to rock the specialty food industry, Daniele Foods proves its more than up to the task of giving consumers what they want.

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