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Eataly Opening Italian Food Market in Silicon Valley

Eataly Opening Italian Food Market in Silicon Valley

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Silicon Valley is about to get an upgrade in the food department. The Italian-bred food emporium Eataly is opening up a location right in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California, the “Capital of Silicon Valley.”

Nicola Farinetti, Chief Executive Officer, Eataly and Co-Owner, Eataly USA“We see a great opportunity for high-quality Italian food in one of the wealthiest regions in the world,” Nicola Farinetti, Chief Executive Officer of Eataly and Co-Owner of Eataly USA, told FOX Business.

According to the news site, Eataly is planning on opening its 51-000-square-foot store as part of the mall’s $1.1 billion transformation in 2021. The three-story Eataly will partner with Northern California wine producers for a wine store within the marketplace, which would pair wonderfully with the already decided café, sandwich counter, bakery, beer garden, and restaurants that feature butcher and seafood counters and an assortment of fresh pasta, cheeses, truffles, and olive oil.

“Eataly is like a theater, we say, ‘if we don't put on a show every day, people are not going to buy the tickets, they're not going to come,’” Farinetti said. “When you look at our store, every day we're doing tastings with producers and vendors, farmers are coming into the store telling stories about their products.”

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Farinetti went on to tell FOX he's not thinking of selling his food empire anytime soon, but he believes Eataly could be the first publicly traded Italian food hall.

“We're not focusing on it today, we have to develop a plan when we feel the market is ready,” Farinetti said. “What makes us unique is no one has been able to grow a business where restaurants and retail are so integrated and well balanced, and that is one of the many reasons why people keep coming back.”

I guess it’s time for me to take a road trip down to Silicon Valley to stock up on quality Italian food. Stay tuned with Deli Market News as we bring more specialty food news.