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Eco-Products® Unveils Compostable Meat Trays for Retail

Eco-Products® Unveils Compostable Meat Trays for Retail

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Sustainability is one of the biggest driving factors for evolution, growth, and innovation in our industry at the moment. Though many across the supply chain have taken it upon themselves to explore what sustainability looks like for their companies, Novolex™ brand Eco-Products® is helping retailers in particular after introducing new compostable meat trays.

Sarah Martinez, Senior Director of Marketing, Eco-Products“These compostable trays are ideal for supermarkets and food processors seeking environmentally preferable packaging,” said Sarah Martinez, Senior Director of Marketing for Eco-Products. “We’re excited to offer them because the demand for sustainable options continues to grow.”

An ideal choice for grocery stores and food processors seeking a compostable option, the new trays are made from sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource. The trays, which are available in a variety of sizes, are strong and durable and meet ASTM guidelines for compostability.

The new trays are Novolex™ brand Eco-Products® is targeting retailers after introducing new compostable meat trays made from sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource

According to a press release, the grease- and cut-resistant trays are designed for any food item that needs to be packaged for the refrigerator or freezer—and are freezer-safe and microwave-friendly.

The new meat trays join Eco-Products’ expansive lineup of innovations like bowls, cups, lids, plates, containers, and utensils—all made from renewable and recycled resources.

How will Eco-Products’ new innovation change the sustainability game on the buy-side? Deli Market News will continue to follow the trends of our industry.