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Emmi Roth USA Introduces New Tête de Moine Cheese Rosettes; Jodie Wische Comments

Emmi Roth USA Introduces New Tête de Moine Cheese Rosettes; Jodie Wische Comments

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Too often, shoppers feel overwhelmed during the holidays, and providing them with solutions is the key to making the sale. Luckily, Emmi USA introduced its new Tête de Moine Cheese Rosettes. Presented in a 3.5 ox flower-shaped container, this product is ready to add to cheeseboards in a matter of seconds.

Jodie Wische, Senior Vice President of Specialty Sales, Emmi Roth“Plenty of people want to enjoy the luxuries of tasting and serving cheese in its most flavorful form, but not everyone can easily make that dream a reality,” said Jodie Wische, Senior Vice President Specialty Sales at Emmi USA. “With these new rosettes, consumers can make their cheese plates look like it was done by a professional in a matter of seconds.”

This traditional, small-batch specialty cheese is imported from Switzerland; its name translates to "head of the monk". Made from fresh part-skim cow’s milk, Emmi Tête de Moine AOP is aged on small spruce planks.

Emmi USA has launched its new Tête de Moine Cheese Rosettes to add a flavorful boost to consumers cheese boards in seconds

The tangy, semi-hard cheese is then scraped into fine rosettes using a girolle. A release noted that the Cheese Rosettes offer a quick way to enjoy a touch of tradition without the need for this instrument, otherwise known as a cheese curler specifically used to shave Tête de Moine into beautiful spirals.

This technique increases the surface area and exposure to air, changing the structure of the cheese and allowing the aromatic, gently nutty flavor to bloom and develop to its fullest. The new pre-sliced rosettes eliminate the need for any extra tools, providing consumers with a delicate, ready-to-serve product.

This new small-batch specialty cheese imported from Switzerland pairs well with smoked and cured meats, along with full-bodied wines

For those looking to cross-merchandise, the bold taste of this cheese pairs well with vibrant foods and drinks including smoked and cured meats, along with full-bodied wines. It also balances nicely with sweet and tart palate cleansers such as apples or pears.

Tête de Moine AOP is produced in line with the strict guidance of the AOP product specifications, which require cheeses to be made and matured in the same region from which the milk is sourced. Twelve cheeses from Switzerland currently bear the AOP quality seal.

The holidays are exciting for many reasons—one of which will always be cheese!

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