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ENZO Olive Oil Company Elevates the Category

ENZO Olive Oil Company Elevates the Category

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Though it feels like many lifetimes have passed since the Winter Fancy Food Show, I can still taste the refreshing flavor of ENZO Olive Oil Company’s latest release: Organic Eureka Lemon Crush Olive Oil. Sensational experiences like this do not come often, which is exactly what makes ENZO’s products so unique. To get a better sense of all this trailblazing company has to offer, I sat down to chat with Britney Moore, Coordinator of Product and Marketing.

“All of the olives we use are 100 percent certified organic. We start with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then add certified organic ingredients to create our Crush and Infused lines,” she began. “The Crush line is made by crushing these ingredients at the same time as the olives. The line includes Clementine Crush, Basil Crush, Eureka Lemon Crush, and Fresno Chili Crush. Our Infused olive oils are made by adding essential oils after the olives have been crushed. In the Infused line, we have Meyer Lemon and Garlic flavors.”

Though the Eureka Lemon flavor is the newest addition to the Crush line, it has already become ENZO’s top seller with raving reviews from consumers. Even the words “eureka lemon crush” had me champing at the bit for more of ENZO’s specialty offerings.

Throughout its versatile and flavorful product lineup, all of the olives used at ENZO Olive Oil Company are 100 percent certified organic

“We also have the Extra Virgin Olive Oil line with three varieties—each made with a different kind of olive. For Bold, we use Koroneiki olives; for Medium, we use Arbosana olives; and for Delicate, we use Arbequina olives,” Britney told me. “Aside from olive oil we have organic balsamic vinegar; jams in Strawberry, Apricot, Peach, Pluot, and Fresno Chili flavors; 100 percent organic almond butter; pestos in Artichoke Lemon, Basil, Sun Dried Tomato, and Sweet Pepper flavors; as well as a line of 100 percent organic olives.”

Another aspect of the business that makes ENZO unique is that all of its olives are grown on the family estate and are then crushed and made into olive oil on that same property. Because all operations are done in a single location, it provides a greater sense of security that the ingredients used are of the highest quality.

Though the Eureka Lemon flavor is the newest addition to the Crush line, it has already become ENZO Olive Oil Company's top seller with raving reviews from consumers

“The Ricchiuti family founded the ENZO brand and their Italian heritage is central to the company’s operations. The method of crushing olives and other ingredients to create olive oil began in the Abruzzo region of Italy and is one feature that sets these products apart,” said Britney. “This is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business, and you can see the value of this in how proud the family is with the product they put out.”

As our discussion came to a close, Britney divulged to me that the Ricchiuti family recently planted additional acreage of olive trees in order to expand production, so that consistent supply is not going anywhere. In addition to partnering with retailers and foodservice operators across the country, ENZO operates its own storefront called ENZO’S TABLE in Clovis, California.

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ENZO Olive Oil Company