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Fiorucci Continues 160-Year Legacy

Fiorucci Continues 160-Year Legacy

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Our industry is one rich in culture, history, and people passionate about continuing the legacies of those before them—and I, as a trade news writer, am always excited to have the opportunity to highlight the companies that are making these aspects of specialty foods shine even brighter. One brand that has been doing exactly that since the 1850s is Fiorucci, a specialty meats brand in Sigma’s vast local foods portfolio.

While Fiorucci has been around for 160 years, the brand is one that has kept the innovation wheel churning while still sticking to the roots its founder Innocenzo Fiorucci first planted in Italy in the 19th century. One way it has done so is by combining old world artisanship with modern practices to bring quality and tasteful Italian specialty meats to the global market. To learn more about this story and how the company is exploring new avenues of growth, I tapped Shawn Munck and Stephen Docherty.

Shawn Munck, Director of Marketing, European Heritage, Sigma“We’re actually one of the few heritage brands out there that started in the 1850s,” Shawn, Director of Marketing - European Heritage of Sigma in the US, shared with me. “We have long made an effort to stay true to our Italian roots, which has included using materials, ingredients, and spices from regions in Italy—all of which were first included in the original Fiorucci family recipes.”

Fiorucci has been making high-quality deli meats since the 1850s

The Fiorucci brand dates back to a small meat shop in Norcia, Italy, which was opened by the brand’s founder, Innocenzo Fiorucci. Each winter, Innocenzo would travel to Rome to sell Norcinetto, a flavorful dry sausage made in his hometown. Eventually, Innocenzo opened another shop in Rome as well—a shop that specialized in the traditional preparation of cured meat. From there, the business was handed down through the generations, with Innocenzo’s son, Cesare, creating a chain of Norcinerie shops in Rome, and even later generations expanding the brand globally by teaming up with Campofrio Food Group, which was later acquired by Sigma.

Stephen Docherty, Sales & Marketing, European Heritage, Sigma“Our tagline is ‘tradition and innovation since 1850,’ which is evident in many of our staple and newer products,” Stephen, Sales and Marketing Coordinator - European Heritage of Sigma in the US, told me. “The Fiorucci brand is one of the benchmarks for Italian deli meats thanks to our authenticity and excellent flavor profiles. One of our more notable and popular items is the Panino; we’re actually one of the original companies that started the Panino category from scratch.”

The Fiorucci brand dates back to a small meat shop in Norcia, Italy, which was opened by the brand’s founder, Innocenzo Fiorucci

Shawn added: “We are passionate about the quality of our meats, the recipes, the ingredients, and the processes we follow for all of our categories. Our ‘Maestri Salumeri,’ or master chefs, carefully blend ingredients, like Italian red wine, imported herbs, and spices, and age our meats in traditionally designed vaults. We do all this to bring the authentic flavor and quality of Italian specialty meats to shoppers.”

In addition to the Panino category, Fiorucci offers a wealth of products across the cured meat and snacking spectrum—which Shawn and Stephen noted will be growing even wider with the release of over 40 new products this fall. So, stay tuned to Deli Market News for more information on the latest Fiorucci product releases and for more on the cured meat category as a whole.