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Firehook Launches Newest Product, Crispy Grahams; Kari Ball Discusses

Firehook Launches Newest Product, Crispy Grahams; Kari Ball Discusses

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

Combining classic flavors with new eating experiences is an amazing way to grow a consumer following while also helping a range of palates develop a more complex and creative love of food. This summer, Firehook is helping retailers do just that with its launch of Crispy Grahams in a new packaging concept.

Kari Ball, Marketing Manager, Firehook“Firehook’s Crispy Grahams are our elevated take on the nostalgic classic. Just like our full line of crackers, we use simple, wholesome ingredients and a baked-from-scratch approach to craft graham crackers that are not only the perfect vehicle for s’mores making but also cheese pairing, making them a delicious year-round treat,” Kari Ball, Marketing Manager, shares. “At Firehook, we use high-quality flour which creates a light, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth texture unlike the typical graham cracker. The careful balance of warm spice and just the right amount of sweetness makes them ideal for classic chocolate/marshmallow pairing and are complementary to the salty savoriness of cheese.”

The Crispy Grahams have even been featured in the summer issue of Culture Magazine as an interesting addition to cheese boards.

Firehook recently unveiled the launch of its Crispy Grahams in a new packaging concept

“As summer s’mores season has unraveled, we loved getting to see all the adventurous eaters making s’mores with their favorite handcrafted chocolate and artisan marshmallows. Both make excellent opportunities for cross-merchandising in-store,” Kari reveals. “Because of their versatility, you can find Firehook Crispy Grahams in the specialty or cheese departments near our savory line of Firehook Mediterranean Baked Crackers.”

Having an elevated item helps to raise the bar on items around it, and there are so many fantastic cheeses that pair well with the grahams. These include blue cheese and soft pot cheese, however, in Firehook’s opinion, the most obvious pairing is chèvre or goat cheese.

Crispy Grahams are an elevated take on the nostalgic classic, made using simple, wholesome ingredients and a baked-from-scratch approach
“Think snackable cheesecake! We have been noticing a trend of delicious savory and sweet flavored cheese, which work hand in hand with our grahams. Some of our current favorites are Vermont Creamery’s Chocolate and Cherry Goat Cheese, Cypress Grove’s Meyer Lemon and Honey Goat Cheese, and Belle Chevre’s Spreadable Fig Goat Cheese,” Kari adds.

Consider our palates teased here at Deli Market News! Stay tuned for more from flavor experts like Firehook as we move through the summer and into the fall.