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Flynne Wiley and Mike Hatch Detail Champignon North America’s Latest Fiorella di Tomino

Flynne Wiley and Mike Hatch Detail Champignon North America’s Latest Fiorella di Tomino

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

New additions to the market are always exciting, especially when it’s cheese related. The charcuterie scene is about to get a bit more interesting as Champignon North America revealed its newest offering. I got in touch with Flynne Wiley, Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Hatch, Executive Vice President of Retail Sales, to learn more about Fiorella di Tomino.

“Fiorella di Tomino is a triple cream soft-ripened cheese in a beautiful flower shape format, perfect for entertaining,” Flynne tells me. “It’s made by 115-year-old German cheese producer Käserei Champignon and is like no other soft-ripened cheese in the U.S. market.”

Champignon North America is gearing up for its Fiorella di Tomino release, coming out in May

With that pedigree, I would be hard-pressed not to pick Fiorella di Tomino up. The cheese comes in at 2.4 lb random weight and can be divided into 7 wedges at about 5.5 oz each per wheel. Easy to share, easy to impress, and easy to serve, the product makes a great eye-drawing product in the cheese case while also piquing interest on foodservice menus.

“With our initial unveiling of Fiorella Di Tomino at the 2023 Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, we had an astounding response from retailers and foodservice operators. The smaller size and shape of the wheel lends itself to being very unique in the soft-ripened category at the retail level,” Mike says. “We are seeing interest from multiple markets across the U.S. and are very excited to introduce this amazing soft-ripened cheese!”

The well-defined flower-shaped wheel format contains a distinct crème fraîche taste that any consumer would love. Its firm but soft texture holds its shape when cut and wrapped, and a luscious creaminess is maintained throughout the whole experience.

“Our new offering leaves quite an impression; it can be used for entertaining as a whole wheel display or in wedges,” continues Flynne. “It truly is the perfect holiday entertaining cheese. And with Mother’s Day following shortly after our launch, the flower shape will create an eye-catching attraction for any cheese or charcuterie board.”

Sold in a unique flower-shaped ring, the triple cream soft-ripened cheese holds its shape when its cut and packaged, making for easy snacking and applications

The Fiorella wields an approachable taste and flavor profile, making it a pleasant choice for the adventurous eater or curious beginner. Its small wedge sizes also make it an approachable everyday Brie.

“Whether it’s sliced in half and spread with jam, enhanced with fresh herbs, or arranged with beautiful dried flowers as a centerpiece, Fiorella di Tomino makes for a great show-stopping cheese display,” Mike explains.

Already, I have plans in mind for this magnificent addition. The new product will be launched in early May on the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic as well as the Southern California market first before expanding out into the Midwest and West Coast.

Keep your eyes peeled for Deli Market News as we bring you the latest offerings on the market.

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