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Fresh N’ Lean Announces New Whole30 Approved® Meal Plan in Partnership With World Series Champion Justin Turner; Thomas Asseo and Melissa Urban Detail

Fresh N’ Lean Announces New Whole30 Approved® Meal Plan in Partnership With World Series Champion Justin Turner; Thomas Asseo and Melissa Urban Detail

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

I may not be on top of the season’s latest stats, but I truly love watching baseball. In my opinion, it is a sport that brings people together, and that theory has been proven by the relationship between meal provider Fresh N’ Lean and 2020 World Series Champion Justin Turner. The baseball all-star has proven to be a perfect partner for the company, joining the team as Head of Sports Wellness and helping to launch a new Whole30 Approved® meal plan.

Thomas Asseo, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Fresh N’ Lean“Justin is an incredible athlete who values optimal performance. We are honored that he and Whole30 chose to partner with Fresh N’ Lean on this new meal plan as we continue to expand our offerings to meet customer needs,” commented Fresh N’ Lean Co-Chief Executive Officer Thomas Asseo.

A press release explained that Fresh N’ Lean will offer Whole30 Approved meals, which will also be available with its Paleo, Clean Keto, and Protein+ plans. This allows Whole30 alumni to effortlessly transition into another Fresh N’ Lean plan when their 30 days are over, supporting the programs’ ultimate goals of “Food Freedom” that feeds consumers’ potential.

Justin Turner, Third Baseman, Dodgers (Photo credit: Dodger Insider)“My wife, Kourtney, introduced me to Whole30, and I’ve never felt better. I’ve seen enormous changes in my body, in the way I feel, sleep, and perform on the field, and my recovery after games,” said Turner. “In today’s world, we’re going in a million directions and making time to cook healthy, organic meals is often neglected. Fresh N’ Lean makes it easy to eat well and get the nutrition I need. I’m excited to join them as Head of Sports Wellness and to work alongside Thomas, Laureen, and their team to curate a Whole30 Approved menu to their subscribers who are looking for life-changing results by doing a Whole30.”

The new meal plan consists of 81 Whole30 Approved meals, which became available nationwide as of August 17, including Grass Fed Steak with Béarnaise Aioli and Sweet Potato, Sautéed Cauliflower with Cage-Free Chicken, Sesame Vegetables with Sustainable Salmon, Ginger Sweet Potato Bowl with Shrimp, and many more options.

Fresh N’ Lean partnered with 2020 World Series Champion Justin Turner to launch a new Whole30 Approved® meal plan

As part of the partnership, Whole30 Approved branding will be added to Fresh N’ Lean meals for instant recognition and confirmation that the meal fits the Whole30 nutrition standards and lets others with dietary preferences or allergies quickly identify these meals as gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and added sugar-free.

Melissa Urban, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Whole30“These new Fresh N’ Lean Whole30 Approved ready-to-serve meals offer a delicious way to find success with the Whole30, or effortlessly maintain your healthy habits when your program is over,” said Whole30 Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Melissa Urban. “My husband is a huge Dodger’s fan, and we are ecstatic to celebrate our first-ever professional athlete partnership with Justin Turner. The Fresh N’ Lean performance-driven vision perfectly aligns with our community in promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

The health movement isn’t going anywhere, so stay tuned as Deli Market News brings you the latest reports.

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