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Fresh Thyme Market Launches Online Pickup Experience; Liz Zolcak Details

Fresh Thyme Market Launches Online Pickup Experience; Liz Zolcak Details

Friday, April 14th, 2023

With a few taps on the screen, dinner could arrive pre-cooked and ready on the table within an hour—all without having to leave the comfort of the home. That’s the appeal consumers will be taking advantage of as Fresh Thyme Market launched its newest service, Fresh Thyme Market Pickup.

Liz Zolcak, President, Fresh Thyme Market“We are excited to bring a more convenient way of shopping to our loyal and new customers with this e-commerce launch,” said Liz Zolcak, President. “We are proud to be able to bring our great in-store shopping experience to life, online. With our new appealing and convenient e-comm experience, we can provide more shoppers with savings without sacrificing quality or freshness.”

With this new Fresh Thyme Market Pickup experience, shoppers are able to shop however they like whether it be in-store, pickup, or delivery. As the company explained in a press release, this move makes it so consumers will not have to sacrifice quality for value by having access to in-store prices online.

Fresh Thyme Market launched its newest online delivery system, Fresh Thyme Market Pickup

Providing shoppers with increased access to top-tier freshness, quality, and convenience, each order is picked for freshness and packed with care by a team member who is fully trained to pick the best quality products.

More information can be found here.

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