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The GIANT Company's Electric Vehicle Fleet Hits Philadelphia Streets; Daren Russ and Tracy Horsfield Discuss

The GIANT Company's Electric Vehicle Fleet Hits Philadelphia Streets; Daren Russ and Tracy Horsfield Discuss

Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

Fleet optimization is high on many retailers’ lists of priorities as they set ambitious sustainability goals. One chain currently achieving this feat is The GIANT Company, which recently announced that four brand-new, electric Giant DIRECT vehicles have been deployed, joining the retailer’s robust transportation fleet to serve the greater Philadelphia community.

Daren Russ, Vice President, Omnichannel Operations, The GIANT Company“Fulfilling our purpose of connecting families for a better future means taking action today to create a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow,” said Daren Russ, Vice President, Omnichannel Operations. “The addition of electric vehicles is an economic and environmental investment that saves fuel costs and time while avoiding harmful emissions. Electric vehicles are a tool to strengthen the environment in the communities we serve and part of our commitment to healing our planet.”

The electric vehicles are the first of their kind to join The GIANT Company’s 164-vehicle fleet and can travel 108 miles per charge, as a press release explained.

The GIANT Company is advancing its fleet sustainability strategy with new electric vehicles to serve the greater Philadelphia community

The vehicles' zero-tailpipe emission design, combined with their avoidance of gasoline, will allow the grocer to prevent 171,963 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually. GIANT plans to transition more of its fleet to all-electric vehicles over the next several years.

Tracy Horsfield, Manager, E-Commerce, The GIANT Company“Electric vehicles are part of The GIANT Company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability,” said Tracy Horsfield, Manager, E-Commerce. “We continue to partner with sustainability leaders to reduce and offset emissions at every level of our supply chain. Together, we are taking action and forging partnerships to create healthier communities for generations to come.”

Where will these cutting-edge vehicles hit the streets next? Find out with Deli Market News.

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