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Grillo's Pickles Introduces New Pickle Drinks

Grillo's Pickles Introduces New Pickle Drinks

Monday, March 16th, 2020

When I first covered the magic of Grillo’s Pickles, I knew this was a company I needed to regularly check in with. Not only are its pickles absolutely to die for, but the company's team has got an amazing back story. A great narrative coupled with a great product? You know I’ve got to have it.

So, when whispers of Grillo’s new pickle drink products began, my ears immediately perked up and I went looking for answers. The cold-pressed beverages are a vinegar-based drink and are available in both lemon and pickle. The drinks will soon be available in 12 oz bottles in Whole Foods Markets across the North Atlantic, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Rocky Mountain regions. But that’s just to start.

Grillo's Pickles new drink products will soon be available in two flavors—Lemon and Pickle—in 12 oz bottles

“The idea for this product really came from our fans,” Grillo’s wrote in a statement sent to Deli Market News. "We have always been consumer-driven and have consistently been hearing from our customers how much they love drinking the brine—so we listened!”

Not only is the brine delicious—yes, I can attest to this—it also has a ton of health benefits. Drinking pickle juice can help reduce muscle cramps and help your body recover faster after a long workout. It also boosts gut health and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Where will Grillo's new products show up next? Deli Market News will continue to cover the latest in all things new—especially as they relate to pickles!

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