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Health-Ade Adds New Berry Lemonade Flavor; Daina Trout Comments

Health-Ade Adds New Berry Lemonade Flavor; Daina Trout Comments

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Kombucha can be found at my local grocery store right in the deli area, making it a quick grab-and-go most days as I peruse the charcuterie section. Not only is it nutritious, but it’s also a delicious pick-me-up, and I’m positive most other shoppers agree seeing how much the category has boomed since it first came onto the scene. Health-Ade is expanding the flavor profile of this fermented beverage just as the summer season looms over us with a new flavor: Berry Lemonade Health-Ade Kombucha.

Daina Trout, Co-Founder and Chief Mission Officer, Health-Ade“Nothing says summer quite like lemonade, which is why we are excited to add Berry Lemonade to our delicious offerings,” said Daina Trout, Co-Founder and Chief Mission Officer of Health-Ade. “Lemonade is consistently a flavor that our consumers ask us to create. When we make the decision to add something new to our product assortment, we want to make sure we will not only create a delicious new kombucha that Health-Ade fans have come to expect but that we can also look to reach new audiences that might not know what kombucha is or think it is not for them. With a tasty and familiar flavor such as Berry Lemonade, we know that both current and new fans will be delighted.”

The bubbly beverage brewer is continuing its push for tasty and fun reverie with its latest addition. Health-Ade has created a new summer-inspired brew that is flavored with organic, cold-pressed blueberries and raspberries and infused with ice-cold lemonade to offer a thirst-quenching kombucha that everyone can love.

Health-Ade has expanded its portfolio with a new flavor: Berry Lemonade Kombucha

According to the release, Health-Ade’s Berry Lemonade inspires nostalgia that hearkens back to long summer days and all the things that make the season so special: rocket pops, roadside stands, and fresh-picked berries. The tasty new flavor will further quench the masses and promote gut health this summer as the company brings its latest offering to Coachella and other cultural events and festivals across the country all summer long.

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Health-Ade recently introduced Pineapple Creamsicle as part of its seasonal SKUs, and now Berry Lemonade will be part of its permanent flavor offerings. The new flavor became available in March nationwide in retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Target, and Kroger and available on its e-commerce platform.

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