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Heura Foods Disrupts the Plant-Based Sector

Heura Foods Disrupts the Plant-Based Sector

Friday, May 29th, 2020

The plant-based sector is truly where it is at these days, with companies across meat, dairy, and specialty foods looking to debut their own vegan and vegetarian-friendly offerings. Since 2017, Heura has held a key position in this sector after launching unique products in seven countries across Europe and Asia.

I chatted with Marc Coloma, Co-Founder of Heura, to learn more about this plant-based disruptor and how it is helping to change the global food industry’s landscape.

Marc Coloma, Co-Founder, Heura“Our background is social and animal rights activism, but we saw that if we really wanted to have an impact on the food system, we had to bring up solutions to make the current one obsolete,” Marc shared with me. “Heura was born to bring freedom of choice for people to go plant-based. Since launching in 2017, we have introduced our products to various markets and soon we will step for the first time in Latam.”

When I asked Marc how Heura has disrupted the plant-based sector in the three years since it first stepped onto the scene, he pointed to the company’s Mediterranean heritage.

Since 2017, Heura has held a key position in the plant-based sector after launching unique products in seven countries across Europe and Asia

“By taking our Mediterranean heritage and focusing our efforts on creating clean label products with a shorter and shorter ingredient list, better nutritional profiles, and meatier experience, we have made a name for ourselves in plant-based,” Marc explained. “We’ve also worked to create a community and empower society for a plant-based protein transition.”

Among Heura's product lineup is its chicken, which is one of the only plant-based chicken products on the market that is made with olive oil, rounding out a simple ingredient list that also includes water, soy, salt, natural flavor, spices, and B12 vitamin.

By taking its Mediterranean heritage and focusing on creating clean label products, Huera has made a name for itself in plant-based

The innovator’s meatballs and burger products also boast a simple ingredient list, with both touting half of the ingredients compared to main competitors. In addition, Heura’s burger has 10 percent less calories than market average and 26 percent less fat.

“Our whole range of products also follow gastronomic traditions. We are constantly working on offering the best culinary experience in terms of nutrition and taste to showcase our values. Overall, we want to democratize plant-based meat options because we know every dish with Heura is a little revolution,” Marc concluded.

For more insights on our industry's rising plant-based players, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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