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Highlander Partners Announces Acquisition of Miller Baking Company

Highlander Partners Announces Acquisition of Miller Baking Company

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Adding another specialized brand to its impressive portfolio, Benestar Brands, a portfolio company of Highland Partners, announced that it has acquired Miller Baking Company, the manufacturer of Pretzilla® brand pretzels. The brand, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its contribution to the growing soft pretzel products market.

Carl E. Lee, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Benestar Brands"Pretzilla is a uniquely positioned brand. It is already a beloved household name with great awareness, yet it has hardly scratched the surface of its market opportunity. With Benestar's retail relationships and penchant for product innovation, we think there is an incredible opportunity to take Pretzilla to the next level,” said Carl E. Lee, Jr., CEO of Benestar Brands. "We know the pretzel category well and are amazed by the strides Brian Miller and his team have made to develop and produce products with such a high level of consistent quality. We are thrilled to welcome Pretzilla to the Benestar family and look forward to continued growth, through both driving new snack innovations and accelerating existing products."

Beginning in 2007, Brian Miller, Owner of Miller Baking Company, began developing soft pretzel bread, and in 2010 Pretzilla was formed.

Benestar Brands, a portfolio company of Highland Partners, announced that it has acquired Miller Baking Company, the manufacturer of Pretzilla® brand pretzels

According to a press release, over the 97-year span of the company, it has transitioned from a multi-product bakery into a specialty pretzel bread brand. Today, Miller sells its wide range of products in over 10,000 stores nationwide.

Brian Miller, Owner, Miller Baking Company"This is an exciting time for Pretzilla," said Miller. "What started as a simple passion for baking pretzel bread has grown into an amazing brand that is recognized in households across the U.S. I'm extremely proud of what the Pretzilla team and its leadership have been able to accomplish. I look forward to watching the brand achieve totally new levels of success with the Highlander and Benestar teams."

Since transitioning to becoming a pretzel bread brand, Miller's research and development, as well as its operations, have worked to create new innovations across the category, creating products unique to the brand itself. Introducing its fresh soft pretzel bites, now with new flavors and fillings hitting the market, Miller has positioned itself for increased growth and momentum going forward.

Jeff L. Hull, President and Chief Executive Officer, Highlander Partners"Since forming Benestar in August 2019 with the acquisition of Evans Foods, Highlander and the Benestar team have been actively targeting add-on investments; this marks our third acquisition made under the Benestar platform. We are seeking exciting, innovative brands with strong growth potential across the snacking category and Pretzilla fits these criteria perfectly,” commented Jeff L. Hull, President and CEO of Highlander Partners. “Pretzilla is the category leader in pretzel bread and dominates the market today due to superior innovation, consistent high quality, and outstanding customer service. We intend to invest significantly in Pretzilla's production capabilities in order to meet the growing demand for its soft fresh pretzels and our plans for robust product innovation."

With this new acquisition under its belt and a new partner for Miller Baking Company, what does the dynamic duo have in store for future expansion and development? Deli Market News will continue to report.

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