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Honey Mama's Expands Lineup With Pumpkin Spice Flavor For a Limited Time; Founder Christy Goldsby Shares

Honey Mama's Expands Lineup With Pumpkin Spice Flavor For a Limited Time; Founder Christy Goldsby Shares

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Fall is quickly approaching, which means it's only a matter of time before I start rambling on about the delicacy that is Pumpkin Spice. Consumers everywhere await the arrival of this unique flavor, and the wait is officially over, as Honey Mama’s has revealed its new seasonal Pumpkin Spice cocoa truffle bar.

Christy Goldsby, Founder, Honey Mama’s“Pumpkin Spice is the time-honored essence of Fall, which evokes decades of memories for so many. With the element of surprise being so intrinsic to Honey Mama’s, we knew we wanted to put our special twist on the classic flavor,” said Founder Christy Goldsby. “We were most inspired by the sensory experience of all those aromatic warming notes that make up pumpkin spice. And then for texture, we chose a very special type of pumpkin seed as our inclusions in this bar—organic Styrian pumpkin seeds grown right here in the Willamette Valley. They’re an heirloom hull-less type harvested raw and then sprouted to support digestive health. We swirled these chewy-meets-crunchy pumpkin seeds into our creamy cocoa truffle base, along with all those wonderful spices and a hint of natural orange oil to bring out the flavors.”

Available for a limited time only, Honey Mama’s Pumpkin Spice bar is a delightfully aromatic new take on the seasonal classic, and features organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, natural orange essential oil, Saigon cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice to deliver an earthy, nutty flavor, according to a press release.

For a limited time, Honey Mama's will offer its new seasonal Pumpkin Spice cocoa truffle bar

“From the moment you bite in, this bar invites a wave of comfort and brightness and warmth,” Goldsby continued. “That is what you’ll notice for sure—it goes way beyond your everyday pumpkin spice!"

Honey Mama’s Pumpkin Spice cocoa truffle bar is currently available for purchase online and in Whole Foods nationwide, alongside the company’s year-round lineup of other mouthwatering flavors.

So, buyers, are you ready to tap into rising demand for this fall favorite flavor?

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