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Honey Mama’s Releases New Flavor Chocolate Cake; Christy Goldsby Shares

Honey Mama’s Releases New Flavor Chocolate Cake; Christy Goldsby Shares

Friday, January 28th, 2022

Take a journey with me—step back into your past to a time when chocolate cake was an exciting and anticipated adventure. For that is the mindset behind Honey Mama’s latest product release. The new Chocolate Cake Cocoa Truffle Bar dropped for the masses on January 18, and I had to hear from Christy Goldsby, Founder of Honey Mama’s, herself to learn more about this indulgent innovation

Christy Goldsby, Founder, Honey Mama’s“The new flavor is inspired by Chocolate Cake,” Christy tells me. “I’ve always felt there is something inherently magical about cake. Its essential and inherent nature brims with delight, joy, celebration, and gleeful satisfaction. And I wanted to showcase that through our new flavor.”

Honey Mama’s offers a uniquely memorable experience in the world of chocolate. Inspired by the rich flavors and textures of chocolate cake, this new flavor envelopes consumers in a deeply sentimental and luxurious moment from that first truffle taste, tapping into everyone’s most nostalgic memories.

Inspired by rich, decadent chocolate cake, Honey Mama's has launched its new Chocolate Cake Cocoa Truffle Bar

“Our creative process started with nostalgia. Growing up, homemade cakes were central to our family celebrations, and the recipe we all loved most had been in the family for four generations—Grandma Vera’s two-layer chocolate cake with toasted pecan fudge frosting, to be exact—I can taste it right now when I close my eyes,” Christy explains, and I am right there with her. “To be sharing a clean-yet-indulgent take on such a personal and universally special treat is a dream. Here’s to Chocolate Cake!”

Chocolate remains a consistent top choice of purchase, whether it’s for personal satisfaction or for aiding in mental health—and let me tell you, that dose of serotonin really does help. Consumers reach for chocolate bars on an impulse or for holidays known for gifting. Honey Mama’s latest launch drops just in time for Valentine’s Day, making it an ideal choice for consumers to pick up and buyers to put on the radar.

The new Chocolate Cake bar features dutch cocoa enveloping the toasted crunch of pecans, with golden coconut sprinkles adorning the top of every three-piece bar

Within the past year, Honey Mama’s has released Cherry Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice, both limited-time products and well-received by fans. This time, however, Chocolate Cake will be holding its place in the confectioner’s portfolio, making it the first new flavor launch since Tahini Tangerine. Chocolate Cake is rich and decadent; dutch cocoa envelopes the toasted crunch of pecans, and golden coconut sprinkles adorn the top of every 3-piece bar.

Sold online at $24 for a 4 pack or $62 for a 12 pack, Christy teases that this new indulgent launch will hit stores in the coming months, beginning with an exclusive retail partnership.

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