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Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon Announces Partnership With Imperfect Foods; Sri Artham Comments

Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon Announces Partnership With Imperfect Foods; Sri Artham Comments

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Imperfect Foods holds a presence in the market for products that are visually less appealing by tugging at one string consumers have put high up on their lists: sustainability. With this mindset, Imperfect Foods has secured more funding and expanded its market base, all of which leads to an increase in its supply network. Recently, the delivery platform tapped Hooray Foods, a mission-driven and award-winning plant-based meat company that makes innovative, plant-based bacon that sizzles, smells, and tastes just like real bacon.

Sri Artham, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hooray Foods“Partnerships like ours with Imperfect Foods are great for creating brand visibility because we have similar company missions to contribute to a more sustainable food system,” said Sri Artham, Founder and CEO of Hooray Foods. “We love aligning with other companies on the path to increase sustainability and to help educate and wider audiences. The more people who can try our bacon, the more we can start displacing pigs from the food system and reducing overall consumption of meat!”

According to the release, Artham created Hooray in 2019. His intention was to create a product that combined his decade of experience working in the sustainable food industry and his passion for bettering the environment. Artham was previously the Vice President at Fair Trade USA, so his foundation for health, the environment, and animal welfare was put at the forefront of Hooray Foods. With this mindset, the company has resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions by over 80 percent.

Imperfect Foods has tapped Hooray Foods as its newest supplier partner, expanding its portfolio to include the brand's popular plant-based bacon

“Similar to Imperfect Foods, we would like to make an impact by reducing our carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable food system,” said Artham. “While Imperfect Foods focuses on eliminating food waste, we focus on reducing the amount of pigs in the food system as well as the amount of pork and meat consumed to help bring down greenhouse gas emissions. Both of our companies are working toward the same bigger goal in different ways, and we are happy to partner with a brand on the same path to a cleaner environment!”

Imperfect Foods strives to eliminate food waste by working directly with farmers and producers to rescue and redistribute goods that might otherwise be thrown away across multiple grocery categories, including produce, shelf-stable items, dairy, meat, seafood, and its fan-favorite collection of private label offerings, noted the release. The platform delivers these goods directly to doorsteps through a customizable subscription service that can be more affordable and environmentally friendly than the average trip to the grocery store.

The partnership will also benefit the companies' sustainability goals as Imperfect Foods aims to reduce food waste and Hooray Foods works to limit carbon emissions

“Our goal for this partnership is to introduce our product and mission to a greater audience so that we can hopefully help people start replacing their bacon with our delicious, plant-based alternative,” Artham said. “We’ve worked hard to create a minimally processed, plant-based bacon that cooks and tastes like the real thing so that people can have the same joy and experience with our product as they would with real bacon, all while contributing to the greater cause.”

With this new partnership in the works, this trade news writer can’t wait to see what else is in store for the plant-based sector.

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