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Hormel Foods Brings its Pantry Project Live to Instagram

Hormel Foods Brings its Pantry Project Live to Instagram

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Hormel Foods is going the extra mile in its latest consumer-focused marketing effort. Not only is the protein provider boosting morale, Hormel is also proving it has the chops to make good television—or rather, good Instagram Live content. The meat giant has teamed up with New York City-based chef and caterer Vanessa Cantave and Los Angeles-based TV personality Laurie March to launch a new, live virtual cooking show as part of The Pantry Project.

Theresa Myers, Corporate Communications Manager, Hormel Foods"There's no limit to the ways The Pantry Project can be helping people right now. For some, it's providing guidelines on what to buy, others are benefiting from recipes that will allow them to cook for their families, and there are those who will look to us and realize someone is out there caring about what they're going through. All of those things matter to us," said Theresa Myers, Corporate Communications Manager with Hormel Foods.

This past weekend, on April 11, March moderated the virtual cooking show on Instagram Live while Cantave prepared a spectacular brunch featuring Hormel® Mary Kitchen® hash. During the event, viewers had the opportunity to pose questions to the culinary pair for home cooking tips and hacks. 

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According to a press release, the event is part of The Pantry Project, an initiative Hormel Foods pioneered during the COVID-19 outbreak to help chefs and kitchen experts support home cooks by showing consumers how to put their pantry stashes to good use by building, restocking, and cooking what they can with what they have.

Laurie March, TV Personality "So many people are waking up to a different reality in their home and in their kitchens lately," said March. "It's an honor to be tapped by Hormel Foods to cohost this personal, live take on The Pantry Project with Chef Vanessa Cantave. I hope people made themselves a cup of coffee and join the conversation.”

Both Cantave and March understand and even share the challenges that many people are facing right now—with Cantave being a single mother of two young boys while managing her successful catering business, which has since slowed as New Yorkers follow stay-at-home orders; and March continuing to rebuild after the California firestorms of 2018-2019.

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