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Hormel Recognizes Suppliers

Hormel Recognizes Suppliers

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Hormel Foods Corporation is sending thanks to the suppliers that helped it succeed over the last year, having awarded 71 suppliers with a 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award.

Curtis Southard, Director of Purchasing, Hormel Foods"Congratulations to our suppliers who have achieved this distinguished honor from our company," said Curtis Southard, Director of Purchasing. "We are proud to partner with these suppliers. They play a key role in helping us deliver inspired food to people around the world and in achieving our key results."

The awards, according to a press release, is for suppliers’ roles in the company's continuous improvement process throughout the last year.

Hormel Foods recognized 71 of its suppliers that helped them succeed in the past year

Suppliers that qualified for the Spirit of Excellence Award maintained a minimum supplier rating index score of 92 throughout a 12-month period.

Hormel explained that this score is determined by a universal measurement system that began in 1990 to ensure each supplier is held to the same standards. Award criteria includes:

  • Meeting performance requirements
  • Making on-time deliveries
  • Providing high-level customer support

Suppliers that received the award were contractors (23 companies), provisions (three companies), procurement (19 companies), purchasing (22 companies), and transportation (four companies). Click here for a full list of the 71 award recipients.

Congratulations to all these suppliers for maintaining such a level of excellence!

Hormel Foods