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 Instacart Meals  Product Launches, Publix Partners with Instacart

"Instacart Meals" Product Launches, Publix Partners with Instacart

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Collaborating with Publix, Instacart has taken another bold step into grocery meal delivery. Introducing Instacart Meals, the two companies are launching a new digital deli counter—which includes the retailer’s popular Publix subs.

Maria Brous, Director of Media and Community Relations, Publix“At Publix, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our customers have the best experience possible, both in our stores and online. With Instacart, it’s easier than ever for our customers to get prepared subs fast—the way they want—delivered along with their grocery essentials,” said Maria Brous, Publix Director of Communications. “Our expanded collaboration also means that our customers will not have to wait in line for our popular Publix subs.”

Alongside the debut of Instacart Meals, Publix and Instacart are teaming up to launch a new digital deli counter—which includes the retailer’s popular Publix subs

According to a press release, the new Instacart Meals product includes a number of innovative features designed for grocery, including:

  • Digital Deli Counter - Just like shopping in-store, customers can design the perfect made-to-order meal using the “Build your Own” functionality within the online storefront
  • Counter Integration - Instacart Meals plugs directly into a retail partner’s ordering system, allowing store employees to receive orders through an existing and familiar infrastructure and begin preparing right away
  • Intuitive Timing - Instacart Meals works hand-in-hand with order management systems to generate precise preparation and counter pickup windows at the end of the Instacart shopper’s shopping route
  • Smart Cart Combos - When customers add a made-to-order meal to their cart, the Instacart Meals product automatically offers all applicable combo options and discounts, enabling customers to capitalize on deals and savings just as they would in-store

Nilam Ganenthiran, Chief Business Officer, Instacart“We’re excited to introduce Instacart Meals to customers nationwide. At less than half the price of an average fast-casual food order, made-to-order grocery meals offer busy people and families access to a fresh and more affordable option when life is hectic and dinner is now,” said Nilam Ganenthiran, President, Instacart. “Made-to-order food counters are among the fastest growing aisles in the grocery store—these items represent up to 15 percent of sales for our grocery partners and have among the highest margins of anything sold in-store. It’s critical that our grocery partners are able to capture these sales online with delivery and pickup—it’s a boost to their business and a key part of the shopping experience for customers.”

Mark Schaaf, Chief Technology Officer, InstacartMark Schaaf, Chief Technology Officer, Instacart, added, “Instacart Meals wasn’t a simple technical feat—the team built an entirely new set of features right into our existing app and folded minute-to-minute counter collection windows into our already complex fulfillment chain,” said Mark Schaaf, Chief Technology Officer, Instacart. “All of these technologies work together, enabling customers to design their perfect made-to-order meal from millions of order combinations, all with the tap of a button.”

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