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Instacart Rolls Out  Instacart Platform  Offering New Retail Solutions; Fidji Simo Discusses

Instacart Rolls Out "Instacart Platform" Offering New Retail Solutions; Fidji Simo Discusses

Monday, March 28th, 2022

With the online shopping sector opening new doors for retailers and their partners, Instacart is taking full advantage of the opportunity to innovate. Recently, the company announced the launch of its Instacart Platform, providing a suite of technologies and solutions to accelerate development across e-commerce.

Fidji Simo, Chief Executive Officer, Instacart“The grocery industry is undergoing a digital transformation where customers expect a seamless experience across many channels, but behind the scenes, it’s taking an incredible amount of work and investment for retailers to deliver these new services,” said Fidji Simo, Chief Executive Officer. “We’re looking to change that with Instacart Platform. We started as the e-commerce and fulfillment partner of choice for grocers, and we’ve been building on that foundation to broaden and deepen our capabilities in order to help retailers innovate faster than ever on their own properties.”

Through Instacart Platform, retailers have access to the technologies that power Instacart’s consumer marketplace, giving them the opportunity to evolve their own digital properties, a press release explained. This new platform offers grocers the tools needed to improve consumer online experiences as well as in-store shopping through end-to-end digitized operations.

Grocery partner Instacart has recently launched its new Instacart Platform, offering a suite of technologies and solutions to fuel future growth in the e-commerce space

Instacart Platform features e-commerce storefronts, fulfillment, in-store digital integrations and hardware, advertising solutions, and data tools to help retailers optimize operations.

Additionally, Instacart has debuted three new omnichannel capabilities to support the Instacart Platform helping retailers serve their shoppers.

As outlined in the release, these capabilities include:

  • Carrot Ads, which open up new digital revenue streams for retailers by bringing the best of Instacart advertising
  • Carrot Warehouses, which help retailers create more flexible, local fulfillment models
  • Carrot Insights, which give retailers near real-time visibility into their operations

For more details about Instacart Platform and insights from retailers in support of these new launches, click here.

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