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KeHE Distributors Announces Launch of New Branding Campaign 'crazy GOOD'

KeHE Distributors Announces Launch of New Branding Campaign 'crazy GOOD'

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Good food goes hand-in-hand with good company, and our industry’s operators have found that in KeHE Distributors. The natural and organic, fresh, and specialty food distributor continues to add value to the industry across the supply chain. In its latest move, the company announced the launch of its new brand campaign: crazy GOOD™.

Scott Weber, Executive Vice President of Commercial and Merchandising, KeHE Distributors “In the last year, KeHE has successfully transformed and scaled its operations by driving digital excellence and innovation,” said Scott Weber, Executive Vice President of Commercial and Merchandising. “From adding over 1,200 new brands to our curated portfolio and powering digital product discovery, to accelerating modernization with our supply chain; we are focusing our efforts on enabling the growth of our partners.”

Created to align with the company’s growth, crazy GOOD represents a new level of added value the company aspires to bring to its partners. The announcement comes on the heels of a strong 2020 for the company, in which KeHE evolved to meet its retail partners’ changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and expanded its reach into new channels and categories.

The crazy GOOD moniker will join “Where KeHE Goes, Goodness Follows®” as part of KeHE’s overall brand messaging. In tandem with the campaign, the company debuted its newly designed KeHE website, as noted in a press release.

Ari Goldsmith, Vice President of Marketing, KeHE Distributors“The crazy GOOD brand campaign is crafted with KeHE’s partners in mind, guiding them on a journey to next-level goodness,” said Ari Goldsmith, Vice President of Marketing. “The new crazy GOOD logo evokes a sense of momentum to symbolize KeHE’s Next Generation of Distribution, authentically striving to bring goodness through our technological advancements, forward-thinking insights, and operational solutions.”

Goldsmith continued, further explaining how this launch aligns with KeHE’s values.

“The incomplete yellow outer border signifies the boundless good that can come from crazy GOOD, our service to the community, outstanding product assortment, our people, and so much more,” he said. “Our new brand identity, and revamped website, better reflect our market-leading position and clearly demonstrates the comprehensive lifecycle of services we bring to the marketplace.”

KeHe Distributors recently announced the launch of its new brand campaign, crazy GOOD™, accompanied by a website revamp

Built with AA-level accessibility standards, KeHE’s new website is created to better serve the distributor’s customers, including those with disabilities.

An industry leader such as this always has something new in the works, so stick with us to stay up to date on the latest.

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