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Kelly Prior Appointed as President and CEO of Litehouse

Kelly Prior Appointed as President and CEO of Litehouse

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Kelly Prior, who was previously President of Litehouse, was recently promoted by the company’s Board of Directors to take on the additional role of CEO. This new move is effective immediately.

Kelly Prior, President and CEO, Litehouse“The success of Litehouse is in large part due to the hard work and perseverance of our employee owners,” Prior said in a press release. “It’s crucial we have a forward-thinking strategy to ensure we continue to build a sustainable business that provides our employee owners with opportunities for years to come. I am honored to work with my fellow employee owners to ensure that we maintain our position as the No. 1 RSD brand while also expanding our footprint into other categories of the store.”

When Prior joined the team in 2002, he became CFO within just a few years. In 2010, he was appointed Executive Vice President and then took on the role of President in February of this year. Now, in his newly expanded role, Prior will be responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and vision.

Litehouse's Board of Directors has promoted Kelly Prior to President and CEO, an expansion of his previous role as company President

“The past year has been a dynamic and exciting time for Litehouse,” said Curt Hecker, Litehouse Board Member. “Along with becoming the No. 1 RSD brand in the United States, we also acquired two new brands, Sky Valley and Organicville. This acquisition took us from a manufacturer in the produce and deli departments to a manufacturer across multiple categories throughout the grocery store. With this expanded scope, it’s imperative we put an individual in the CEO role who has vision and a reputation of moving the business forward. Kelly’s track record of strategic thinking, strong business acumen and outstanding relationship skills made him the right choice for the role.”

As Litehouse enters into a new chapter of long-term growth, Deli Market News will report on how Prior’s initiatives help drive this strategy.

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