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King Arthur Baking Company Introduces New Products; John Henry Siedlecki and Pati Jinich Comment

King Arthur Baking Company Introduces New Products; John Henry Siedlecki and Pati Jinich Comment

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Baking activities have risen during the pandemic, and it seems like the popularity isn’t dying down as consumers have embraced the convenience and companies have stepped up their offerings. One, in particular, is King Arthur Baking Company, which has released six new products designed to make baking easy and accessible to all bakers, no matter their skill level.

John Henry Siedlecki, Vice President of Innovation, King Arthur Baking Company“Over the course of the last year and a half, so many people have found comfort and joy in baking,” said John Henry Siedlecki, King Arthur Vice President of Innovation. “As life begins to return to normal, King Arthur Baking wanted to ensure that we continued to meet the needs of all bakers with our growing portfolio of products. This meant launching both new ingredients for scratch baking, as well easy-to-make mixes that allow bakers the flexibility they need as their lives get busier.”

Launching this fall, four new pancake mixes, a Gluten-free Confetti Cake mix, and Organic Masa Harina are the result of extensive market research and internal insights from the past year, as the baking industry has seen a surge in new consumers and high demand for quality baking ingredients.

As baking continues to gain popularity, King Arthur Baking Company has introduced six new products that are accessible to all levels and skill sets

According to the company’s release, pancakes have increased even more in popularity over the past year with the category growing 26 percent. To meet the growing demand and build on its current offerings, King Arthur will add four new instant pancake mixes in Buttermilk, Carb-Conscious, Confetti, and Gluten-Free.

The new Organic Masa Harina fills a previously unmet need for a premium, organic, and finely ground masa harina. In developing the flour, the King Arthur test kitchen team set out to ensure the product met the brand’s and bakers’ high standards of quality and consistent performance. The result is an authentic masa harina flour made from traditionally prepared (nixtamalized) organic white corn that is finely ground for consistent water absorption and optimal nutritional value that is also certified Gluten-Free and non-GMO verified.

Pati Jinich, Cooking Personality “I’m so impressed with King Arthur’s Masa Harina,” said Mexican-born cooking personality Pati Jinich, whom King Arthur is partnering with to create several masa harina recipes for King Arthur consumers. “My tortillas puff beautifully, and my masa for tamales passes the float test every time—both marks of an excellent quality masa harina. Soft, malleable, and airy, but still with a sturdy hold.”

To round out the new products lineup, King Arthur is also releasing a Gluten-Free Confetti Cake Mix for consumers who want to celebrate without the gluten. Perfect for birthdays or any celebration, the new cake mix is created without any synthetic colors or artificial flavors and delivers a better-for-you option while also being great tasting.

Learn more about the products by clicking here. King Arthur’s Baking Company’s new products are now available online at its site and in stores starting September 2021.

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