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Klondike Cheese Company Launches New Buholzer Brothers Gouda Cheese

Klondike Cheese Company Launches New Buholzer Brothers Gouda Cheese

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Klondike Cheese Company is bringing an iconic new cheese variety into the fold as the brand recently launched its latest offerings. Adding to the already robust Buholzer Brothers lineup of cheeses, Klondike is now launching a Gouda variety for the brand.

Luke Buholzer, Vice President of Sales, Klondike Cheese Co.“Gouda is a growing market, and it is the perfect extension to our high quality semi-soft cheeses,” said Vice President of Sales Luke Buholzer when asked why the company is entering the Gouda category.

According to a press release, consumers continue to seek out products from companies they trust. Being a family-owned and operated Wisconsin cheese and dairy company, Klondike sources its milk from neighboring farms to create the highest quality products possible.

Klondike Cheese Company is now launching a Gouda variety for its Buholzer Brothers brand

The Buholzer Brothers continue to produce award-winning cheeses with the highest quality milk. This Gouda is the perfect snack or ingredient, and is packed with protein and calcium. The Gouda, along with other members of Buholzer Brothers’ strong lineup, can now be found in stores across the country. Buholzer’s latest addition comes in 6 oz chunks, 6 lb loaves, and 15 lb long johns.

What other specialty cheese news might be in our future? Stay tuned as we at Deli Market News find out.

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