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Klondike Cheese Company Sweeps U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

Klondike Cheese Company Sweeps U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Oh, that lovely time of year when we get to report on the brilliance of cheese! Wait, you ask, but isn’t that something you do every day? Right you are, Deli Market News readers, for you understand how cheese-obsessed we all are over at the DMN office. We never miss a chance to boast about those cheesemakers we love so much, and this time around, it’s Klondike Cheese Company, whose recent wins at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest has us jumping for joy.

The company earned several honorable awards at this year’s contest while sweeping two categories and earning a total of three Best of Class awards! Best of Class honors went to Odyssey® Feta, Odyssey® Fat Free Feta, and Odyssey® Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

Luke Buholzer, Vice President of Sales, Klondike Cheese“We couldn’t be more proud of our entire team,” stated Luke Buholzer, Vice President of Sales, in a recent press release. “Every year, the competition increases across the country and pushes us to continue putting our best products out in the market day after day. It is humbling to see that hard work recognized by experienced judges during this contest.”

Odyssey® Feta, Buholzer Brothers® Havarti, Odyssey® 2% Greek Yogurt, and Odyssey® Low Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt placed second in their classes. Third place awards went to Odyssey® Feta and Odyssey® Low Fat Pomegranate Acai Greek Yogurt.

Klondike Cheese Company receives several honorable awards while sweeping two categories at this year's U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

In total, Klondike received nine top-three accolades, and swept the feta and high-protein, flavored yogurt categories.

Congratulations to Klondike on this stunning achievement! For the latest in cheese coverage, keep reading us here at Deli Market News.

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