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Mark Ramadan Joins New Culture's Board of Directors; Matt Gibson Comments

Mark Ramadan Joins New Culture's Board of Directors; Matt Gibson Comments

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

What plant-based pioneer is driving its future growth with the success of a purpose-driven leader? The answer is New Culture, which has recently appointed Mark Ramadan to its Board of Directors.

Mark Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer, Hu and Board Member, New Culture“I’ve spent the past 12 years building brands and businesses that aim to improve the world through food, and I couldn’t be more energized by New Culture’s approach to doing just this,” said Ramadan. “My experience in food has taught me that the best way to help people make better choices for themselves and the planet is to ask for no sacrifice in the actual tasting experience. What New Culture is doing— making cow cheese without the cow—seems to be the best possible solution for giving all of us the delicious, melty cheese we want, while creating significantly less impact to our planet.”

Ramadan currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of better-for-you chocolate brand Hu. Earlier in his career, he made a mark on the food world as Co-Founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s, a Certified B Corporation that produces globally inspired condiments.

New Culture has recently appointed Mark Ramadan to its Board of Directors

According to a press release, this appointment signifies the next step in New Culture’s mission to launch products that are better for its consumers, the planet, and our food systems. The company makes animal-free dairy products using precision fermentation, creating a high-quality offering while reducing water, land, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Matt Gibson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, New Culture“Mark’s experience in successfully launching and building iconic and mission-driven food companies makes him a perfect fit for our board, especially since we’re now gearing up for our own launch,” said Matt Gibson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Culture. “Our mission is to lead the global change to an animal-free dairy future, and it is a testament to the team and what we have achieved so far that Mark is joining us to accelerate this mission.”

New Culture is slated to start public tastings this year, beginning with its animal-free mozzarella, and launch in pizzerias in early 2024.

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Congratulations to Mark Ramadan for joining this integral team!

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