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Mike Valenti Details Great Spirits Baking Company's Partnerships and Newest Products

Mike Valenti Details Great Spirits Baking Company's Partnerships and Newest Products

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

A delicious partnership between Great Spirits Baking Company (GSBC) and Neri Bakeries took place, bringing a boozy addition to all of our refrigerators and pantries. GSBC’s 10 oz boxed loaf cakes will soon hit retail shelves in six flavors: Jack Daniel’s® Chocolate, Jack Daniel’s Pecan, Baileys® Irish Crème, Guinness® Chocolate Stout, Pallini® Limoncello, and the newest Jack Daniel’s Honey.

Mike Valenti, Chief Executive Officer, Great Spirits Baking Company“The partnership with Neri allows Great Spirits to grow by adding much-needed capacity to service the growing demand for our cakes,” Mike Valenti, Chief Executive Officer, told me. “The additional capacity and reduction of lead times allow us to confidently sell the entire retail landscape without capacity constraints. This will help us as we just rolled out our newest release, Jack Daniel’s Honey Loaf available now and soon at Safeway, Cracker Barrel Country Store, Fresh Thyme Markets, Amazon, and more.”

Neri Bakeries is a family-owned bakery operating out of Port Chester, New York, and provides over 110 years of bakery experience. The knowledge and capacity are a great boon for GSBC, as it has also expanded its donut line thanks to its partnership with Maple Donuts in York, Pennsylvania.

Great Spirits Baking Company expanded its 10 oz boxed loaf cakes line with Jack Daniel’s® Honey

“We have expanded our donut offerings to include donut holes in Baileys Chocolate and Vanilla Combo, Guinness, and Limoncello,” Mike continues. “Our new flavors provide the indulgence shoppers look for in the bakery aisle while also transporting them to a different aisle. No matter the SKU, our products will leave consumers in Great Spirits.”

GSBC’s donut holes can be found nationally at Travel America and seasonally at Albertsons/Safeway, Piggly Wiggly, and C&S Wholesale Grocers. The Twin Pack Cheesecakes in Baileys and Limoncello are seasonally available at Albertsons/Safeway and Giant Food.

I can confidently say that shoppers all over will be rushing to their nearest store to get their hands on these boozy bakes, as Mike says the company is continuing to grow, both in offerings and operations.

Great Sprit also expanded its donut line with new Baileys® Chocolate and Vanilla Combo, Guinness®, and Limoncello varieties

“Our company is in our third consecutive year of triple-digit growth fueled by the loaf cakes, donuts, and wrapped pound cake slices,” says Mike. “We are finalizing four new rum cakes, Baileys and Limoncello crumb cake, and an exciting non-alcohol branded licensed item.”

Curious to learn more? If you’re going to the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) show in Anaheim, California, you’re in luck! The company will be showcasing its new products as well as familiar favorites at booth #2792 come June 4–6. Can’t make it to IDDBA? The Summer Fancy Food Show is also on its itinerary this year in New York at booth #5817, June 25–27.

Keep an eye on DMN as we report on all the happenings ahead of these can’t-miss summer hits.

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