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Montchevre® Launches Holiday Promotion

Montchevre® Launches Holiday Promotion

Friday, November 8th, 2019

Forget visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, my little Virgo planner heart is already inundating me with all that we (my heart and I) should do to entertain winter holiday guests this season. From rich, creamy cheeses to jams, pickled vegetables, and any seasonal fruits, we’re aiming to delight with a cheeseboard de force brimming with flavor, flavor, and more flavor. This goal puts us right in Montchevre®’s prime territory, with the brand lending consumers like me, as well as its retail partners, a few hacks to unlock the most flavorful holiday season yet.

These hacks are coming in the form of Montchevre’s first consumer promotion. According to a press release, the promotion was designed to inspire and encourage fans to include Montchevre’s fan-favorite flavored goat cheeses on this year’s party cheeseboards. And because this is the last holiday season of this decade(!!!), Montchevre made sure its campaign is one to remember so that consumers can host their own parties to remember. To do this, the cheese brand reconfigured its website so that consumers can build their own virtual cheesboard with Montchevre delicacies like its Natural, Cranberry Cinnamon, and Garlic & Herb flavored goat cheeses.

Montchevre’s first consumer promotion encourages fans to build their own virtual cheeseboard online for a chance to win an assortment of prizes

But that’s not all! Once they've built the very best cheeseboard to ever exist, consumers can then enter for a chance to win an assortment of prizes, such as a customized cheeseboard, picnic wine glasses, or even Uber credits—because you never know when you’ll need a DD!

The campaign kicked off November 1st and will last all the way until December 31st, so retailers and consumers won’t be left in the dark on inspiration at any step of the way this holiday season. With much cheer to be had now until the end of December, retailers can steer their shoppers toward Montchevre’s website and cheeses in order to tap into its endless amounts of recipes and inspiration.

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