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Nature's Path Announces New Fairtrade Cocoa Commitment

Nature's Path Announces New Fairtrade Cocoa Commitment

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

World Fair Trade day was just a couple days ago, and many companies are doubling down on their efforts to use only sustainably sourced ingredients. Among these companies is Nature's Path, which has recently announced a deepened commitment to providing healthy, sustainable snacks through the Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient (FSI) program.

Jyoti Stephens, Vice President of Mission and Strategy, Nature's Path"At Nature's Path, we strive to leave the earth better than we found it. And through sourcing Fairtrade ingredients, we believe we are doing so for both people and the planet," said Jyoti Stephens, Vice President of Mission and Strategy, Nature's Path. "We are proud to be the first Canadian company to make this commitment, and we hope our actions encourage others to source key ingredients, like cocoa, fairly and sustainably."

Nature's Path has exclusively sourced 100 percent organic Fairtrade cocao for all of its Nature's Path, EnviroKidz, and Love Crunch cereals and granolas, a press release explained. Now, the company will reflect this valuable commitment with the new certification on its packaging through the FSI program. In just 2021, the snack provider will source almost 400 tons of Fairtrade cacao for its products.

Julie Francoeur, Executive Director, Fairtrade Canada"Nature Path's commitment to source ingredients on Fairtrade terms has already created an impact for cocoa farmers in the Global South," said Julie Francoeur, Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada. "Now with labeling through the FSI program, the increasing number of Canadians looking for brands that align with their values in respecting people and planet have an easy choice when in the cereal aisle. That way, each of us has an opportunity to leave the earth better than the way we found it."

The goal of the FSI program is to position farmers and workers to sell more of their products on Fairtrade terms, and in result, improving their living and working conditions, boosting their productivity and income, and reducing damage to the environment. The FSI model helps farmers sell their crops to the large number of companies that are committed to sourcing commodities fairly and sustainably. Through a set of rigorous standards that ensure better prices, working conditions, and environmental protections, Fairtrade drives more money and benefits to these farmers and workers while providing support for the local communities and protection for the environment.

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"Our hope is that seeing the Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient logo on our packaging will further consumer understanding that our collective choices are improving the lives of farmers and workers all over the world,” Stephens continued. “We also hope it inspires other companies to consider sourcing key ingredients through this new program, seeing that it is possible to do so at scale."

Fairtrade aims to alter the way trade works to allow farmers and workers in the Global South to build a thriving, sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

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