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noosa Breaks into the High Protein Yoghurt Sector

noosa Breaks into the High Protein Yoghurt Sector

Friday, March 20th, 2020

A breakfast staple, a probiotic pick-me-up, a guiltless pleasure—yoghurt provides an eating experience unlike any other. The category has gained significant ground in the past decade, ushering in new varieties with international heritage. Pioneering a beloved Australian-style yoghurt is a company 13 years in the making: noosa. The innovative company recently launched its newest line of low sugar, high-protein hilo yoghurts, and I linked up with Jason Vieth, Senior Vice President and General Manager, to learn more.

Jason Vieth, Senior Vice President and General Manager, noosa“hilo will present a new, truly delicious option for consumers who are seeking high protein yoghurt products but have not been fully satisfied with the taste or texture of the offerings on the market,” said Jason. “Millennial and Gen Z consumers say protein is a highly sought-after attribute within fresh snacking, and 54 percent of consumers believe they need more protein in their diet, according to Mintel. We’re also receiving numerous positive comments from fans saying they have been waiting for a product like noosa hilo!”

According to Jason, noosa hilo is a whole milk yoghurt that offers 12g of protein and only 12g of sugar per serving. hilo has the thick, velvety texture that noosa fans know and love and is available in six flavors including vanilla bean, blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry, plain, and peach in a 5.3 oz size. This is the company’s first entry into the high protein segment that includes Greek and Icelandic. Packed with high protein and lower sugar, yet loaded with noosa’s outstanding taste, this product is expected to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

noosa recently launched its newest line of low sugar, high-protein hilo yoghurts

“While there are plenty of high-protein dairy products that cater to fitness and performance-focused athletic consumers, we are targeting the health-aware consumer who is looking for balanced options that taste like noosa’s core products. Taste is what sets hilo apart from our competitors, and it’s driven by noosa’s high quality ingredients, which are what gives the yoghurt its distinctive and flavorful taste,” added Jason. “During our taste tests with consumers, even we were surprised by the wide margins that noosa hilo beat competitive Greek and Icelandic brands.”

noosa is building product awareness with both its current consumers as well as by targeting the general health-led consumer through a mix of PR, media relations efforts, paid media, and advertising. The company has paid social media campaigns promoting hilo and has also shared its new flavors with organic social audiences and the noosa fan club.

noosa hilo is a whole milk, thick, velvety yoghurt that offers 12g of protein and only 12g of sugar

We tapped into recent studies indicating that Americans are eating less meals and instead opting for more snacks. Our research indicated that consumers feel they currently have to sacrifice great taste in yoghurts with high protein and lower sugar intake. We carefully produce noosa hilo with the same high-quality ingredients and loving care used in all of our products, which allows us to deliver some of the best tasting, high protein Greek yoghurt on the market.”

Similar to noosa’s core products, hilo packaging is colorful and fun, which brings the brand personality to life. noosa hilo is currently available at major retailers nationwide including Safeway, Albertsons, and Walmart, and is rolling out to additional retailers over the coming months.

Who knew this popular and versatile sector could be even further improved? Well, noosa did. And now you do, too. To keep up on all the latest innovations coming to market, keep following along with us at Deli Market News.

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