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noosa Yoghurt Revamps Packaging

noosa Yoghurt Revamps Packaging

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

While every day presents the chance to be kind to our environment, Earth Day was a unique opportunity for companies to reveal new sustainable innovations from across the food industry. noosa Yoghurt was one such company, revealing several environmentally friendly efforts. Perhaps the most prominent, though, was the elimination of plastic lids from its line of 4.5 oz lil tubs yoghurt packaging, which is expected to remove more than 70 tons of plastic annually.

Jason Vieth, Executive Vice President and General Manager, noosa“The rollout for our new vacuum-sealed durable foil lids began this month,” said Jason Vieth, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sovos Brands, which is noosa’s parent company. “This move is one of many ways in which noosa is working to reduce our environmental footprint.”

In addition to making its packaging more sustainable, noosa has launched several ambitious initiatives, some of which include:

  • Reclaiming and reusing water at the state-of-the-art water treatment plant at noosa’s farm HQ in Bellvue, Colorado
  • Repurposing and recycling cardboard packaging. noosa has recycled more than 738,000 pounds of cardboard to date
  • Supporting honeybees through ongoing efforts with the Pollinator Partnership
  • Providing continued donations for the Bee Friendly Farming certification program and maintaining strict guidelines to ensure a healthy habitat for bees

“We are always looking to improve not only our product, but our impact on the earth, which happens to correlate with sourcing the quality ingredients we use in our products. It all comes full circle,” Jason told me. “Removing the plastic lids was a clear next step for us, and we were happy to make it a reality on Earth Day 2021.

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The sustainable efforts don’t stop there, though, as noosa is also donating $20,000 (the equivalent of 3,000 trees or half a million peaches) to Talbott Farms, whom noosa has been sourcing peaches from since 2018, to support sustainable tree planting efforts in Colorado. In 2020, Talbott Farms was impacted by the severe spring frost that decimated most of its harvest, which is why noosa wanted to step in to support the grower’s 2021 planting efforts.

Because of important initiatives like these, I have no doubt that our industry will succeed in protecting the longevity of our environment.

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