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Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies Milano Unveils Two New Cookie Flavors

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies Milano Unveils Two New Cookie Flavors

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Some of my fondest memories are sharing Milano cookies with my mom during the holiday season. Armed with a glass of milk, we would watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, seasonal lights twinkling behind us. Now that I’m an adult (boo), I don’t have as many opportunities to feel like a kid again, but Pepperidge Farm’s new Caramel Macchiato and Irish Cream Milano Cookies are here to help. Taking two festive flavors and transforming them into cookie form, adults and kids alike will be clamoring to get these cookies onto their holiday plates.

These new cookie flavors come just in time to put consumers in a festive mood

Inspired by drinks that scream “seasonal festivities,” the cookies are an indulgent balance of crisp, delicate cookies and luxuriously rich chocolate. According to press materials obtained by Deli Market News, these two new cookie flavors are available at Target locations nationwide. (Another reason to love Target? I thought it was impossible.) The cookies retail for $3.89 for each 7 oz bag.

Consumers everywhere will surely go crazy for the holiday-inspired flavors and images of cozy fireside indulgence will only help them along. I for one know that dipping my Irish Cream Milano Cookie into an Irish coffee will awaken either a holiday ghoul or a holiday angel. Both are good things, I assure you.

Keep reading Deli Market News as we cover the holiday season and all its innovations.

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