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Philosophy Foods Predicts Next Big 2020 Food Trend

Philosophy Foods Predicts Next Big 2020 Food Trend

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Something’s fishy, and we here at Deli Market News believe it has everything to do with the lack of pescatarian “charcuterie” boards. But if you asked the team at Philosophy Foods, they’d say that this gap in the market is about to be filled, with the possibility of even becoming the biggest food trend in 2020.

I sat down to chat with Karrie Kimble and David Yourd, the Founders of Philosophy Foods, to find out more about the burgeoning trend that is preserved seafood.

David Yourd, Co-Founder, Philosophy Foods“In Portugal, Spain, and France, there’s been a long tradition of canning and tinning high quality, very fresh seafood. Ten or so years ago, we started seeing this high quality seafood hit retail store shelves in the U.S., which we helped to pioneer. This, in turn, opened consumers’ minds to preserved seafood and the different tiers of quality in the category,” David explained, taking me back to the origins of this movement.

Philosophy Foods is projecting pescatarian charcuterie boards and seafood as major 2020 trends

As consumers began to travel more, David continued, the movement grew, with importers and specialty shops adding more fuel to the seafood flame. This has all contributed to the uptick in the trend in the last couple of years, leading to anchovies, scallops, razor clams, sardines, squid in ink, octopus, and uni to increase in popularity amongst trend-setting consumers.

Karrie Kimble, Co-Founder, Philosophy Foods“We’re finally seeing preserved fish trend in retail and foodservice. We’re seeing that even cheese mongers are working preserved fish into their grazing boards. Luckily for us, we’ve been ahead of this curve for a long time,” Karrie shared. “Trends overall are moving toward much lighter fare, which is why we’re seeing seafood enjoying the spotlight, as it’s less heavy than other proteins.”

Among Philosophy Foods’ seafood lineup is Bahia de la Concha, which includes boquerones (white anchovies) that both David and Karrie noted are of a special quality.

“The region we source the boquerones from is truly the best. The fish are coming from the Cantabrian Sea with less salty, cold water that forces the fish to move much faster. As a result, they’re grown larger and have firmer flesh, making the end quality of our product the best in the world,” David said.

Alongside the trend to consume lighter fare, preserved seafood is catching on at retail and foodservice

This quality, Karrie and David revealed, translates well to charcuterie and grazing boards, and can even be served as a traditional Spanish tapa.

“For a healthy and light board, we recommend pairing our preserved seafood with a little olive oil and red pepper. It’s simple, but perfect,” Karrie noted.

The possibilities of the new year and the new decade are still so endless. As more industry visionaries introduce innovations and products that meet new retail, foodservice, and end-consumer needs, Deli Market News will continue to bring you the latest in trends, lineups, and brands.

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