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PREVAIL Jerky Hits Erewhon Store Shelves in 2021

PREVAIL Jerky Hits Erewhon Store Shelves in 2021

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Jerky continues to turn over a new leaf, catching the eyes of buyers and those they serve in the process. Among them is PREVAIL Jerky, known for its delicious and tender offerings that are void of harmful additives, now available in three flavors at all Erewhon locations as the company cracks into the Florida market.

Ashley Kohn, Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer, PREVAIL Jerky"We are so excited to be chosen as the newest jerky brand at Erewhon, a store that has such incredibly high standards when it comes to clean ingredients, so it's a true testament of our product. We are looking forward to being able to offer our delicious, allergy friendly ingredient jerky to their customers," Ashley Kohn, Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer for PREVAIL, said.

Launched in late 2019, PREVAIL is a top eight allergy free, gluten-free, and paleo-certified jerky that does not compromise on flavor, according to a press release.

Sydney Karmes-Wainer, Brand Manager, Erewhon"Jerky was one of my favorite childhood brother and I would eat it on every family road trip," commented Sydney Karmes-Wainer, Brand Manager of Erewhon. "After adopting a healthier lifestyle, it was difficult for me to find a jerky with no preservatives or artificial flavors. We were so thrilled to find PREVAIL, a high-quality, grass-fed jerky with simple ingredients and very much in line with the Erewhon clientele."

The jerky category is certainly an evolving one, with several notable expansions and varieties changing the face of the snacking favorite.

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Likewise, where will we see this rising brand emerge next? We will keep you in the loop on all expanding names, so keep an eye on Deli Market News.