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PS Seasoning Partners With TikTok Creators on BBQ Rubs; Ryan Johnson Shares

PS Seasoning Partners With TikTok Creators on BBQ Rubs; Ryan Johnson Shares

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

One of my favorite things about TikTok is the abundance of chefs and creators dedicated to exploring the world of food and inspiring other consumers as they do so. Tapping into this massive trend, PS Seasoning has formed a partnership with two well-known creators to debut a new series of BBQ rubs.

According to a press release, Marco Sanchez of @woodfirewhiskey and Breanna Stark of @marriedtobbq partnered with PS Seasoning to create the company’s first-ever Collaborator Series, a set of custom BBQ rubs that include The Eye Opener Coffee Bourbon Rub and Say I Moo Glitter SPG Rub. (You heard that right—a magical, edible glitter seasoning is on its way to store shelves.)

PS Seasoning has teamed up with two well-known TikTok creators to debut a new series of BBQ rubs

Sanchez is a U.S. Army Veteran and California native who has garnered almost 2 million TikTok followers, cooking up mouthwatering dishes from tacos to BBQ to desserts. His creation, The Eye Opener, features a savory and smoky blend of coffee, ancho chilies, chipotle, brown sugar, and of course, bourbon.

Stark is a Texas native whose TikTok channel has reached almost 1 million followers, becoming well-known for her mouthwatering BBQ recipes. Alongside her husband Andrew, Stark created Married to BBQ after their award-winning baby back ribs recipe went viral on the app in March 2021.

Inspired by a traditional Texas SPG (salt, pepper, garlic), the Say I Moo Glitter SPG Rub is a perfect marriage of salt, pepper, garlic, celery seed, and a food-safe edible glitter.

Ryan Johnson, Director of Marketing, PS Seasoning“When Breanna approached us with the idea for her own seasoning, we wanted to do something that spoke to her brand in a unique way,” said Director of Marketing Ryan Johnson. “She wanted a blend that would be flavorful, but not like every seasoning on the market. We put a spin on the traditional ‘SPG’ seasoning by making it a salt-pepper-glitter blend. It’s just as delicious, but a lot more fun to use.”

The seasonings retail for $9.99 and are now available for individual purchase on the company’s website.

How will social media continue to impact the culinary landscape? DMN will surely be here to report.

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