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Sabra Brings Hummus to the Super Bowl

Sabra Brings Hummus to the Super Bowl

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Sabra is kicking off 2020 with a plan to put hummus at the forefront of consumers’ Super Bowl snack spread. Looking to secure a spot as a game-day staple, Sabra’s upcoming Super Bowl LIV ad will open the door for the plant-based dip as a partner for chips, wings, beer, and all manner of Super Bowl grub. In a spot filled with firsts for the product and category, Sabra will showcase the versatility of hummus, leveraging the in-game moment for a real-time ‘RiDIPulous’ Sweepstakes winning reveal.

Jason Levine, CMO, Sabra®"The Super Bowl is the biggest dipping occasion of the year and we're making sure Sabra plays an unforgettable role in this years' game," said CMO Jason Levine. "Hummus pairs well with everything from carrots and chips to unexpected favorites like buffalo wings, hot pretzels, and pizza, making it an ideal game day choice for all. We're so thrilled that hummus will take its place alongside America's favorite snacks that we're giving fans a chance to win huge prizes, including a 'RiDIPulous' amount of hummus, while they watch."

Sabra is making its way into Super Bowl snacking with its "RiDIPulous" sweepstakes

Sabra’s inaugural Super Bowl ad spot breaks with the traditional framework, with the game-within-the-game sweepstakes reveal designed to drive purchase frequency in the weeks leading up to and through the biggest sporting event of the year. The ad celebrates the relevance and versatility of the plant-based dip, shining a spotlight on the 'RiDIPulous' number of ways to dip and dish with hummus. VaynerMedia, Sabra’s creative agency, developed the sweepstakes and ad spot.

Fans of football and hummus can enter the Sabra ‘RiDIPulous’ Sweepstakes throughout the month of January for the chance to win one of five $100,00 prices, along with a ‘RiDIPulous’ amount of free hummus in 2020, according to a press release. To enter, consumers must purchase specially-marked packages of Sabra Classic, Roasted Red Pepper, Supremely Spicy, Pine Nut, Spinach Artichoke, and Olive Hummus, and scan a QR code to unlock the ‘flavor’ and ‘dipper’ Game Pieces. The winning Game Piece combination will be revealed during Sabra’s first Super Bowl Spot.

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