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Saputo Cheese USA's Jenny Englert Details Newest Products

Saputo Cheese USA's Jenny Englert Details Newest Products

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

I hope retailers are making more room on their shelves, because Saputo Cheese USA has several newly released products that should be front and center in the cheese case. To get a closer look at the company’s latest innovations, I connected with Jenny Englert, Marketing Director.

Jenny Englert, Marketing Director, Saputo Cheese USAWe’ve recently launched a few innovative products from our leading goat cheese brand, Montchevre. This past fall, we launched our new Duos line, which is a two-in-one flavor combination in our classic goat cheese log wrapped around a complementary flavored core,” Jenny told me. “Flavor combinations have been trending for the last year, and our Duos line stands out on shelves as the first product of its kind in the category.”

The Duos line is currently available in two flavors: Sweet Hot Pepper + Garlic & Herb, a Mediterranean-inspired spicy flavor featuring a bold blend of spice and herbs wrapped around a flavored core; and Blueberry + Lemonade, a sweet blueberry flavored core enveloped by a citrusy and refreshing lemon twist.

Saputo has expanded the Montchevre Topped goat cheese line with the addition of its new Thai Sweet Chili flavor“Also new to Montchevre is a flavor addition to our exclusive Topped goat cheese line, Thai Sweet Chili. It has a sweet kick of heat, which has been a trending flavor with consumers,” Jenny added. “This line has been a hit with consumers that enjoy entertaining, because it takes the guesswork out of having to figure out pairings. The Topped line features all-in-one gourmet ingredients that cascade down over our original, creamy goat cheese. Just unwrap, flip, and serve for the perfect snack or addition to any charcuterie board.”

Newest to the Montchevre lineup is a flavored goat cheese log, Bruschetta, which will launch at grocery retailers this spring. The fresh goat cheese is rolled in a savory blend of tomato, garlic, and spices. Saputo has seen bruschetta-flavored products emerge in recent years, and this flavor is perfect to melt into a savory pasta sauce. Sign me up!

“Lastly, Frigo Cheese Heads just released a new Whole Milk String Cheese product, filling a gap in the cheese snacking space,” Jenny continued. “The new Whole Milk String Cheese provides a good source of calcium and 5 g of protein, while maintaining a delicious texture and taste.”

Saputo is following up the new Treasure Cave packaging and funky campaign with new blue cheese products to be released in the next yearIn 2023, Saputo also rebranded Treasure Cave, which included a complete packaging refresh and nationwide marketing campaign encouraging consumers to embrace the funk of blue cheese.

“Treasure Cave is America’s original cave-aged blue cheese brand. We’re following up the new packaging and funky campaign with new blue cheese products to be released in the next year that we’re excited to share with consumers around the country,” Jenny teased.

Consumers have many new choices to add to their shopping lists, and I’m sure these Saputo products are sure to find a home in kitchens across the country.

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