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Schaller & Weber Launches Schaller Bier Brat No. 3

Schaller & Weber Launches Schaller Bier Brat No. 3

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

For the meat lovers out there roaming the aisles, there can never be enough sausage. The grilling season may be winding down as we enter the cooler months of the year, but the fire will keep burning as Schaller & Weber™ introduces its newest addition, Bier Brat No. 3.

In collaboration with EBBS brewery, Schaller & Weber launched this meticulously curated beer along with a satisfying pairing.

According to the release, Schaller & Weber crafted an entirely new sausage infusing EBBS, NYC’s brewery of the year, lager into the brat product. Featuring a coarse-ground meat, the new sausage pairs perfectly with the nuanced flavors of the new EBBS Beer Lager No. 3.

Schaller & Weber™ has introduced its newest addition, Bier Brat No. 3

The new Bier Brat No. 3 will be available at Schaller & Weber in New York City, online on the site, and at retailers nationwide. In addition, the accompanying EBBS Beer Lager No. 3 will be offered at the EBBS Tap Room and at Schaller & Weber, Schaller’s Stube, Blume, and, Hütte on New York’s Upper East Side.

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