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siggi's Donates $60,000 as part of its siggi's starters Grant Program

siggi's Donates $60,000 as part of its siggi's starters Grant Program

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Sometimes investing in others serves as an investment in oneself. That may be what siggi’s was thinking as it announced the new grant winners for its siggi's starterssm program. The program was created to help dietitians empower their communities and spread nutritional awareness on the local level.

The three inaugural winners include: Mary Lynn Kardell, RD, LMNT; Stephanie Hodges, MS, MPH, RDN; and Jacquelyn Oddo, MS, RD, LD. Each winner will receive a $20,000 grant as well as mentorship and support from the siggi’s team as they work to make their proposals a reality.

"We launched siggi's starters to build on our support of the nutrition community and bring innovative ideas to life through funding," said President and CEO Carlos Altschul. "The impact of COVID-19 across the country has only served to reinforce the need to partner, support, and build access to healthy nutrition in local communities. We are inspired by the passion from registered dietitians and nutritionists to encourage healthy eating habits, and we're committed more than ever to working together with the nutrition community to enact positive change."

siggi’s recently announced the new official grant winners for its siggi's starters program

Community outreach and development is an integral part of the siggi’s identity, which is why the company decided to launch its generous program earlier this year. According to a press release, the nutrition-focused company believes that innovation flourishes when paired with the right mentorship and support, leading to the premise for its siggi’s starters grant program.

In order to be considered for the program grant, each recipient developed clear and thoughtful proposals that could create sustainable changes within their communities. All three of the finalists incorporated ways to expand the understanding of nutrition in local communities while increasing access to healthier food options.

The winning proposals include:

  • Mary Lynn Kardell's program, Food Insecurity: Filling in the Gap Providing Meal Planning and Food Prep Training, is a culinary workshop in Omaha, Nebraska, for low-income adults and teens that will focus on how to incorporate foods commonly available at food banks into nutritious meals
  • Stephanie Hodges' initiative, Partnering with School Districts to Reduce Added Sugar in School Breakfast Programs, will collaborate with The Child Nutrition Cooperative (CNC), a school nutrition cooperative in Wyoming, to reduce added sugars in school breakfast menus by 10 percent beginning in the 2021-2022 school year
  • Jacquelyn Oddo's community garden program, ONE Health Grows: Combating Hunger, Chronic Disease, and Food Insecurity, aims to combat food insecurity in Youngstown, OH, a low-income community with limited access to fresh produce

Founded on the same principles that are set forth by the new program, siggi’s starters was inspired by siggi's dairy founder, Siggi Hilmarsson, as he set out to create his signature skyr in 2005.

Siggi Hilmarsson, Founder and Chairman, siggi's"Since the early days of siggi's, I've been inspired by the passion for health and the entrepreneurial nature of the registered dietitians I met. As siggi's grew, we always looked for ways to give back to the dietitian community, both in gratitude for their early support and in recognition of our similar mission—to make healthy, simple foods readily available and accessible," explained Hilmarsson. "Though the grant funding is important because it will drive the execution of these proposals, I also feel that the mentorship and relationship-building that's core to siggi's starters is key for long-term positive change. I'm excited to see how our partnerships with Stephanie, Mary-Lynn, and Jacquelyn will blossom and make a long-term impact as the programs take shape."

While a new and inspiring program, siggi’s starters is a continuation of the support that siggi’s has shown to communities in the past. This year alone, the company donated to New York Frontline workers as they have battled the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Community outreach and development is an integral part of the siggi’s identity, which is why the company decided to launch its generous program earlier this year

Additionally, siggi’s recently committed to increasing diversity within internally as well as across the nutrition community. To help with this pledge, the company made donations to Black Lives Matter and the African American Policy Forum.

What new innovations will come from this new program? How will they impact the nutrition industry? I, for one, am excited to find out, so keep reading Deli Market News as we will continue to update you.