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Smoking Goose Releases Latest Limited Salumi Series

Smoking Goose Releases Latest Limited Salumi Series

Friday, August 16th, 2019

The never-not-innovative Smoking Goose is back again with a new line of salumi to make mouths drool and sales rise. The company has announced its latest limited release of a small-batch salumi series that brings two Midwestern food artisans together for a deliciously contemporary project with ties to the 14th Century.

The Gentile Giant-style salami used to be reserved for Renaissance nobility

Smoking Goose uses old world craft mixed with new world flavors to slow cure and smoke more than 40 varieties of charcuterie. Accolades for its exceptional products come from all over, as New York Magazine’s Grub Street once proclaimed, Smoking Goose is “the meat expert rethinking one of the world’s most ancient food traditions.” Smoking Goose blends wild boar with American brandy from Loisville’s Copper & Kings distillery for Gentile Giant, a new, seasonal salame that is stuffed and tied into the most prized portion of natural pork casings.

Italians refer to that portion of the intestine as gentile (pronounced jen-TEA-lay). This makes the product more delicate and requires more experience to use, but provides a more consistent and higher-quality environment for the meats aging inside. This product is so special and in such a limited supply, that the salumi was most often reserved for the Renaissance nobility, which Italians also referred to as gentile.

The salami blends wild boar meat with American brandy from Louisville’s Copper & Kings distillery

The rich wild boar plays against the spice of American brandy—bringing an entirely new twist on a centuries-old food tradition. Gentile Giant can be ordered directly through Smoking Goose’s online shop, and restaurants and retailers can contact Smoking Goose for wholesale distribution.

Smoking Goose suggests consumers slice it on a sharp bias, just like the ancient gentry, and recommends pairing it with sheep’s milk cheeses and brandy-based cocktails. The company has named its new limited-release Gentile Giant with a wind, since it’s a special meat treat that’s big on flavor, so anyone can have a taste of nobility.

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