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SpartanNash Harnesses Robotics Automation to Generate Real-Time Inventory Insights;  Tom Swanson, Masiar Tayebi, and Brad Bogolea Discuss

SpartanNash Harnesses Robotics Automation to Generate Real-Time Inventory Insights; Tom Swanson, Masiar Tayebi, and Brad Bogolea Discuss

Monday, May 15th, 2023

What has multiple wheels, a sleek appearance, and the ability to optimize inventory management for food solutions company SpartanNash? Tally! Through its latest alliance, the retail company plans to roll out the autonomous inventory robot in 15 grocery stores across Michigan and Indiana.

Tom Swanson, Executive Vice President, Corporate Retail, SpartanNash“Tally’s speed, accuracy, and automation enable our Associates to save time in inventory tracking and spend more time on the floor serving store guests,” commented SpartanNash Executive Vice President, Corporate Retail Tom Swanson.

SpartanNash is implementing the solution in additional Family Fare and Martin’s Super Market stores following a successful pilot in select D&W Fresh Market stores.

SpartanNash recently announced the implementation of an autonomous inventory robot named Tally in 15 grocery stores across Michigan and Indiana

Tally is a quiet, slim robot that unobtrusively traverses store aisles throughout the day, leveraging 3D computer vision technology to collect highly accurate shelf data, a press release noted. With its innovative technology, Tally can capture 15,000–30,000 products an hour, ensuring products remain in stock, in the correct location, and accurately priced.

Masiar Tayebi, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Information Officer, SpartanNash“SpartanNash is positively influencing our store guest experience through new-to-world technology innovations such as Tally to help us in our mission to deliver the ingredients for a better life,” added Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Information Officer Masiar Tayebi.

Developed by retail technology company Simbe, Tally plays a key role in SpartanNash’s continued investment in technology to enhance the store guest and Associate experience.

Brad Bogolea, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Simbe Robotics“When we first started working with SpartanNash, we knew this was a partner that recognized the powerful role technology can play in enhancing in-store operations and, as a result, the customer experience,” said Simbe Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brad Bogolea. “It’s been so rewarding working together to further deploy our retail solution. We’re excited to continue providing powerful insights for SpartanNash to help improve the shopping experience for store guests and Associates.”

How else will the company work to bolster its in-store operations and shopper experience? Keep reading DMN to find out.