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Taco Bell Replaces Meat with Oats

Taco Bell Replaces Meat with Oats

Friday, December 13th, 2019

For some time now, Taco Bell has retained a reputation as one of the most vegetarian-friendly fast food restaurants. But with plant-based foods gaining traction, many in the industry have wondered how Taco Bell would incorporate, or not incorporate, the growing trend into its menus. Earlier in the year, the chain expressed its intention to continue its focus on meatless offerings, even introducing a new “veg-centric” menu just a few months ago. But now it seems as though the company is taking a new focus, and plans to incorporate plant-based meat to it menu.

Taco Bell is exploring the plant-based meat sector with a new oat-based taco

New reports have emerged that Taco Bell first introduced its new oat-based “Oatrageous” Taco in Finland, which has since landed in Spain as well, with a full European release planned for 2020, according to delish. The taco’s “meat” filling is made from pulled oats and legumes, but is mixed with the same seasoning used in Taco Bell's ground beef, making the plant-based meat a viable alternative in terms of taste.

Taco Bell has released no official announcement to bring the Oatrageous Taco to the U.S., but if the new menu offering takes off, the chain may be forced to cave to demand.

Will Taco Bell launch a wide release of the new Oatrageous Taco? Deli Market News will keep you posted.

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